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    Thank you all for the replies. It has really helped me a lot. It looks like Okuma has a pretty good following amongst the replies and I was wondering if they have any reels with removable spools. For say one with floating and one with sinking line. I figure these are a little more pricey. I ask because I use my 8wt lake fishing for LM bass at home in Missouri and pike when I travel up to Canada for an annual trip. I was thinking of having the ability to use floating line for the bass and sinking for the pike while still having the same reel. Is is worth it for the price? What are the prices? Again thanks for te replies I really look forward to learning from you all

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    That should not be a problem. I've purchased additional spools for all the Okuma reels I have. It's highly likely that most modern fly reels have extra spools available. The costs will vary, but I think most can be had for 1/2 to 2/3 the price of the reel. If you search around & are patient, you can get them for less.
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    you can swap out spools on all of these reels...I have a floater and sinker (whether I line, sink tip, full sink etc) spooled up for most all of my reels.

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    If we are talking about modern reels only, I like the Allen, and the Okuma Integrity. I have 2 older model Allen reels. I have not tried the ATS, I think that one is the only one in your budget. If you want to wait a little for an Allen, you may get a deal on one, when they are closing out the older lines, and making way with the newer models. I have the Allen XL, and the Alpha. (Allen reels)
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    Do you have an orvis outlet nearby? Ive found some incredible deals there in the past.

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    If you don't need something ASAP, the Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock reels go on sale often for less than $100.

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    For the money you can NOT beat the Okuma SLV. It would still be a deal at 4 times the price!!! I have been stopping freight trains i.e. steelhead with mine fora long time. Spare spools are available of course.

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