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    Default Repair old Garcia reel?

    I have an old Garcia Mitchell 758 fly reel. I got it in 1976, I believe. The reel is in good shape except that the drag doesn't function; the adjustment knob just turns without tightening down.

    Does anyone know anything about fixing these reels? Know anyone who does repairs?

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    Default Re: Repair old Garcia reel?

    Sorry. Hopefully Riptide knows something about the reel.

    Archuleta's Reel Works out of Grant's Pass, Oregon, does work on older reels. Keep in mind that the repair cost might be more than the reel is worth. If you have some sentimental attachment to the reel, the work can be priceless.


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    Default Re: Repair old Garcia reel?

    MP's dead on with his call above.
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    Default Re: Repair old Garcia reel?

    What I found was that the cast Delron disk drag plate on about 1/2 of these reels shattered over time. Even on newer reels right in the box. The part is no longer made and old stock has long ago sold out due to this being such a common problem.
    I'd take it apart first to see if in fact this is the problem before giving up.
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