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    Default Re: Need extra spool?

    Quote Originally Posted by trout trekker View Post
    One point Iíll add as an old retailer of fly gear. If the reel you own is from a company that is known for changing models every few years or if the model you have is getting long in the tooth. You might consider buying a spare spool sooner, rather than later, if you think that you really might need one down the road. Sometimes finding extra spools for a discontinued reel model can be a challenge. Especially so, if the brand & model were not commonly found in the inventory of fly shops.

    That's the point I am at. Still not willing to give up my Crown and Crown II reels. I'm buying extra spools and reels of ebay just for parts and replacements.
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    Default Re: Need extra spool?

    Extra spool makes sense to me if you want to add another line weight(2 different wt rods, one reel).

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    Default Re: Need extra spool?

    I do the extra spool for backpack fishing. When I go hike in I either take a 1 & 3wt rod with me. So I have one reel with two spools. If the wind picks up I can switch to my 3wt rod easily. Also do the same with a 3wt/4wt setup
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    Default Re: Need extra spool?

    I have two TR3 reels and six extra spools. I have my 6 and 7 weight lines, plus a couple of switch lines on those eight spools. When my natural silk DT stops floating, I have plastic backup I can snap on and be back in the water in short order. Since, I'm not likely to need to fish a 6 wt and a switch at the same time, I can pop off the 6 wt, drop on a scandi 300 and put the reel on a switch rod and be in business.

    Extra spools are cheaper than reels. If I have 12 rods, do I need 12 reels? My answer is no, but I likely need 12 spools.

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