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    Default Re: Really need advice on reel size...

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    Ard, Imagine this potentiality (as if there are not enough reels already): Your excellent Odyssey was designed by Orvis's Jim Lepage - Lepage has been named by Orvis to be President of recently acquired SA - SA owns Ross Reels and the design rights to the original Charlton reels (with which they have never done anything) - Ross, fine reels though they have made over time, has been in a kind of limbo where no two reels actually share the same drag design, as if trying to reinvent themselves (of course, Evo LT and F1 are fine reels but...) - Orvis, currently, has their top end reels made in Korea. Orvis + SA/Ross + Lepage = ?
    If you listen to the Orvis podcast on the Itinerant Angler (late 2012), Steve Hemkins makes it clear that over the next 18 months Orvis will be focused on US made reels and they should be on the market in 18 months.
    With S n'S comments in mind this all makes perfect sense and would be a great way forward for Orvis, finally killing off one of the criticisms constantly levied against them. Given the great response to the Helios rods I can only see this as a great opportunity...... especially if there are Jack Charlton designs in their cupboard.
    Regards Gerard

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    Default Re: Really need advice on reel size...

    I don't know if this is any help to you, but I have a Sage Zaxis 9' 5wt that I recently paired with a Galvan T6. I know the reel is for 6/7 line weights and weighs 5.2 ounces but it balances the rod very well.
    I agree with the other posts that a slightly heavier reel is good.

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