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    Default Reel suggestion?

    I just picked up a vintage 7-1/2' 7wt Eagle Claw Trailmaster at a yard sale this morning ($3). The rod will probably NOT see a lot of use, as I'm more likely to be fishing in 4-5wt territory.

    That said, what kind of reel ought I be seeking? I'm pretty new to fly-fishing, and have a couple of reels that came as part of 5wt rod/reel packages, so might one of those work if I swapped out the line?


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    Default Re: Reel suggestion?

    You absolutely can use one of the 5-wt. reels you have and spool it up with a line that will work with the 7-wt. The only thing you sacrifice by doing that is backing capacity. If you're not regularly catching long-running fish, it will work great.

    It should be a great weapon to use for largemouth bass.


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    Default Re: Reel suggestion?

    Absolutely, just throw your current reel on it and have fun with the past! As a $3 rod getting a new reel and line just doesn't follow checks and balances...haha. If you find out after using the rod a bit with the 5wt setup that it holds "special powers" that's when i would open the wallet and spoil her.
    ~ Put backing on your line... Even if you never use it, it helps you dream.

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    Default Re: Reel suggestion?

    von behr and tbum, Thanks!

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    Default Re: Reel suggestion?

    Hey Gary, welcome aboard. I love finding fishing stuff at yard sales. Good job.
    What part of the country do you live in ?

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    I agree with the advice already given. I love vintage reels and I see no reason to spend much money on fly reels that simply help manage line. When compared to an equivalently priced spin-tackle reel, fly reels are extremely overpriced in my opinion. I rarely land a fish on the reel anyway. The $3 reel is perfect, good find.

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    Default Re: Reel suggestion?

    Agree, your best money spent may be on a decent line...... Hit up cabelas bargin bin, spend 20$ and your in business.

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