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  1. Default Re: Click reel - Battenkill or Drift?

    I have a Drift on my Redington CPS 9' 5wt that I really like. No complaints, never has given me any problems, lifetime warranty. Redington has done right by me when my nephew broke my rod.

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    Default Re: Click reel - Battenkill or Drift?

    I like a reel that is light enough so it doesn't feel like a counterweight behind my hand.

    I use Redington Drift's, because I got great deals on them. A bit less than the listed 100.00 store tag.

    I use a 2/3 on my 7'9" Sage LL 3wt, a 3/4 on my Scott G 8' 4wt, and use the same 3/4 on my Sage RPL 8'6"5wt, as well as the 5/6 model.

    I have looked over the closed out Orvis BBS as well as the new Battenkill reels. I would feel okay using either the Orvis or the Redington. I would look for the best price, and go from there.

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    Default Re: Click reel - Battenkill or Drift?

    i have the Battenkill II, and i have a redington CT 9' 5wt ordered for it. the battenkill is tiny -___- i love it and all but i wish i had chosen the III instead of the II. i stuck it on my cheap 8'6" to test it and it looks/feels awkward, but it works.
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    Default Re: Click reel - Battenkill or Drift?

    I am also in the market for a reel in this class. I noticed that the Red. Drift has an adjustment knob, presumably to change the drag, whereas the Orvis Battenkill lacks any kind of exterior adjustment. Orvis website does show how to make an adjustment internally after removing the spool.

    I realize that this type a reel isn't about the drag, but having some sort of adjustment on the fly sounds comforting. This could also be totally unimportant.

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    Default Re: Click reel - Battenkill or Drift?

    I have two Drift reels, a 3/4 and a 5/6. I've had the 5/6 for 4 years now and can say that it is a durable, well-made reel. It has dealt smoothly with two foot browns, large suckers, and at least one 10 lb. catfish.

    The 3/4 I just recently picked up for my new 3 wt, and it feels very good while casting. It also has put up with 3 battles with 20+ inch browns and one 19 inch bow already this year, so I can safely say that the reel is mechanically sound.

    And at just under a hundred bucks, I feel they are a very good bang-for-your-buck reel. As long as you understand that the drag is a click-and-pawl, and that you have to learn to either slow the fish with judicious use of a rod hand finger, or learn the art of palming.

    As for me, I leave the drag set in the middle on both reels all the time.

    I'm sure the orvis reel is a good one as well, I just don't have any experience with a 3 wt. version.

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