so im searching the big list and came across a guy getting rid of a TFO signature series 9 6wt with an orvis battenkill reel. his price was ok but i was more interested in getting rid of some unneeded things around the house. so i ended up trading him something worth about half his asking price, as i went to meet him the sky opened up so the meeting was brief, basically checked the rod make sure the was no tip repair or damage. and spun the reel to see if the drag was ok

get it home and first thing i noticed was this was a 6 weight rod mated with a 3/4 weight reel. i get it home to see it was poorly cared for as a whole,take it apart good clean and lube job and then i pull the line off. so the guy installed 6 weight line to a small arbor 3 weight reel backwards with no backing. but for the 50$ worth of trade i gave up i feel it is still a good deal, just frustrated to see how people treat things with no regard