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Thread: "CLARK" reels?

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    Default Re: "CLARK" reels?

    Hi Frank,

    I just can't help it, I like the old reels and that one seems to be in mint shape. Casey was born and raised here right down at Homer so he doesn't need me to show him around. I'm thinking he could show me where to fish

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Hi Ard,

    Haha. I should have looked to see where he is. I saw your post in the other thread. I used to have a herd of Tetons but sold a bunch of my stuff after a bad accident to pay bills. I thought I would upgrade it all to J. Ryall and Abel but the money is still funny. I like fairly stout reels for bigger weights, especially if they go on a lot of boat rides or going around riprap. The Tetons fit the bill and are generally overlooked.

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    I bought a john Clark reel and pole and I ain't no pro but these are a very very nice setup. I have had no trouble but john has a 10 yr warranty on both. Built like the very expensive stuff. I love mine. I won't buy nothing else. John got my business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    OK, lets be clear; reels like the no-name, presumably Chinese reels on e-bay are not made by "Clark" or even for Clark. Chinese boiler-plate reels are a dime a dozen and are produced by the container-load. One goes to the giant fishing trade show there (which I have never done but friends have) selects an existing ripped-off reel, specifies a color, machining variation on a theme, name and model number graphics and gives them money. A month or so later you put up a web site or, in this case, sell via auction and you are in the reel business..
    Though I'll not post the website name, there is a site that offers roughly 100-150 different styles of fly fishing reels, of numerous sizes each style, and as you say simply give them a color, a logo to put on it, packaging advertising, and they'll send them to you by the thousands and MANY folks would instantly recognize, and many folks here use.

    These are often legitimate serious companies reminiscent of the massive Japanese conglomerates of the 60's-80's that crushed American competitors through high quality products for next to nothing prices and very aggressive business strategies......The plan simple. Today is about investing in the company and getting the market share, tomorrow is about making a profit. The Chinese are doing nothing different except have the support of a government that will back them to any extreme to achieve that goal.

    That said up until recently (last 20 or so years) it would have taken little to stop the tide of fly fishing products in that for the most part Western Nations were the primary customers......But we all like inexpensive, have wasteful attitudes of "use it up and replace it for new, latest and greatest, disposable better than long lasting", and our loyalty we like to hand off to the next guy, passing the buck second nature.

    We did it to Germany and England, the Japanese did it to us, and now the Chinese are doing it to them.....It's not like the U.S. using Taiwan to manufacture, it's about becoming the world factory.

    Get used to it.....It's what we asked for, our own demise.


    -To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
    ----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
    ---------stewardship, and educated ethical use.

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