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Thread: Lamson Konic.

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    I send an email to Lamson asking if the Konic could be used in saltwater. Got a reply that they don't recommend it. Saying it's not anodized or machined.
    From my understanding Konic are machined after being cast and has a 100% polyurethane coating. Wouldn't that survive saltwater? The drag is the same as their top end.
    I'm confused.


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    mridenour Guest

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    I was going to get a Konic but went ahead and got the Guru. I think it is worth the difference in price for a sturdier built reel.

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    The Konic is pressure cast, not machined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mridenour View Post
    [/COLOR]The Konic is pressure cast, not machined.
    That's what I said, it's after it has been cast it's fine tuned in a machine.


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    Now I'm really confused. On their website it says that it is anodized and then coated with polyurethane. :what:


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    mridenour Guest

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    They aren't machined, just nicely cast. They are coated and I am sure they would hold up in salt water use if properly maintained. The only real complaint I have heard on them is that they aren't as sturdy as the CNC machined reels like the Guru and the better reels in the Lamson line.

    IMO, the great drag system would be better in a machined reel. If a Guru price point is too high, check out the fully machined Allen reels.

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    Have been using my Konic 4 in SW for 2 years now . No problems at all just give it a rinse in freshwater after each trip. Used it Monday and it was humming really nice!
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