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Thread: Abel or Hatch

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    If you are referring to the safety lock nut that prevents the drag knob from rotating all the way off...even if you loose that the reel remains completely functional, you must simply take care not to loosen the drag to the point where the end of the draw-bar thread is reached. But I agree with you, Abel Supers for trout fishing are overkill by a long shot unless their aesthetic is paramount. There are a number of high quality, reliable and fine-tunable drag reels that are great for trout fishing where an Abel level drag is rarely called for. But if you are fishing silk lines I presume you also must favor classic spring and pawl type reels without drags.

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    I am an Abel guy for all my salt water fishing snook to tarpon but for my trout fishing I have gone to Galvans. I find the engineering, dimensions, ie spool width ,weight etc perfect for my trout fishing. Not to mention the fantastic drag and price. My last purchase was between a torque 6 and a Hatch and the Galvan won. The Hatch is a beautiful reel but for me the weight and other factors took it off my list.

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