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    Default Abel - Ported or Solid?

    I put a post about about Abel and Hatch and as I figured, most love both reels. I LOVE my Hatch reels, but I think I may jump to Abel. Now lets face it, part of the fun of going with an Abel (we all know of their quality) is getting the finishes!

    I will be looking into getting fish prints on the reels. The question is, do I get ported frames or solid? For fish prints, I think the solid looks better, but I have seen ported frames with fish prints and they looked sweet to.

    What are your thoughts? I'm not concerned about the little extra weight of a solid frame.

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    Default Re: Abel - Ported or Solid?

    I think the ported look better and are easier to clean. Abels are such a pain to take apart, I usually just rinse mine off real good. The solid frames always worries me that grit might be stuck in there. I also think the solid frames look a little clunky.
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    Default Re: Abel - Ported or Solid?

    It's totally your preference. They both look awesome. I think certain fish finishes look better on the solid frame, while others look good with the ported.

    I prefer the ported reels. However, I think the new Classic/Switch/Spey series of reels looks better with a solid frame and spool.

    So far, my Abels are Super Series and all have ported frames. Only one of the six has a solid color finish. Five of them are artistic or fish finishes.

    They truly are works of art, and no two are exactly the same, since they are hand painted at the factory. The hardest part is deciding which fish pattern to get.

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    Default Re: Abel - Ported or Solid?

    I mentioned in another recent Abel discussion that I was at the fly shop yesterday and was looking at many different Abels. Brown Trout HD, Wild Trout, Brook Trout and new GD real to name a few. Of those mentioned, the GD was the only one non ported. I can't imagine that reel done any other way. The fish prints look much better in person with porting than the do in any photo I've seen. That said, I like both ported and non ported versions. They're Abels and are all beautiful! I've had my eye on a Brook Trout finish for some time but after looking at the Wild Trout finish yesterday, it's got some stiff competition!

    Of the 3 that I own, Super 4 is ported and 2 PT .5's are non ported. One is Matte and the Black Coral has a solid spool to go with the non ported frame.
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