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Thread: Collecting Hardy Reels

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    Default Collecting Hardy Reels

    I am interested in hearing from members that might be collectors of Hardy reels and in particular the older UNIQUA reel. I started collecting a few Hardy reels from the 70's (Perfects). Shortly after that I came across the Uniqua and picked up several, the "telephone " latch and the "horseshoe" latch models. To cut to the quick...I am trying to date these puppies, does anyone have a background knowledge in this particular reel and what to watch for as far as pros and cons and the dates of manufacture. Appreciate your thoughts .
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    Default Re: Collecting Hardy Reels

    My research on the Uniqua indicates the version you're speaking of was produced from 1903-1959. The horseshoe latch is the earlier of the two, and I think production on those ended around 1914. The telephone latch was swapped out at that time. I believe pre-war and wartime reels have the stamps on the back that are rounded, where as the post-war reels should be strait.

    I can't speak to advantages of either, but at least to my eye, the Uniqua is a sweet series and often overlooked! With those old Hardy's, look at the insides, make sure the stamps match on the inside and back of the spool. Some are initialed by the maker, some are stamped with a number, and some have no markings at all.

    Post some photos of your collection if you have a chance
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