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    Default Re: Allen company trip to Mexico: Putting our new drags to the test

    VERY cool! I love Baja. Not many better places to test tackle! I used to go down there pretty regularly, Skip jack are serious butt kickers arent they! I think those little missiles are responsible for more broken rods than anything else. They just go steeeeeraight down and pull pull pull! Usually 1 or 2 of those is enough for me and I want to move on to something that doesnt hurt so bad! LOL
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    Default Re: Allen company trip to Mexico: Putting our new drags to the test

    Quote Originally Posted by allenflyfishing View Post
    The three of us who run things at Allen (Justin, Kyle, and Evan) are enjoying our final evening in Cabo San Lucas. We made a last minute decision to put our new drag systems to the test and came down for two days of incredible fishing, tying in to some of the most demanding fish we can access on this continent!

    We followed Evan's lead as he's fished here several times before. We fished on the boat "Cheers" with captain Ramon Castro, whom Evan has been fishing with regularly for three years. Such an incredible guy and captain. Can't imagine fishing with anyone else here!

    We tied in to some unbelievably impressive, hard pulling fish! Skipjack are a fish that get almost no attention from the sporting world. But those of you who have caught them know that they are mind-blowingly strong! A skipjack of 3-5lbs can put a 12wt rod in a taco and put you in backing in less than a second. Even on such heavy tackle, they can take upwards of 10mins to land! We also caught at least two dozen dorado in two days, and the grand prize of two sailfish! A striped marlin was hooked and fought for 5mins, but shook the hook on a big jump.

    The gear was very much put to the test! We managed to break rods, backing, fly lines, leaders, and flies. But we are proud to report that the only part of our setups we were using that held up to everything were the reels! We used the new Kraken XLA, Alpha III (with new patented bearing-less drag) and our new top end reel, the Omega. All performed flawlessly! The Omega's drag was so strong it could stop any of the fish... at the expense of breaking some other part of the tackle setup. Nice to know that we now have a reel that will clamp down to even the heaviest of settings for those who need it.

    We will be posting some photos and video clips from the trip after our return home. We had a great time, but really came to make sure that we can say with confidence that these new drag systems are everything our customers could want and could depend on in any situation!

    Here's a photo of Kyle, our operations manager, with a sailfish caught on the Kraken XLA
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    Default Re: Allen company trip to Mexico: Putting our new drags to the test

    The trip sounds awesome. Looking forward to hearing more about the specifics.

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    Default Re: Allen company trip to Mexico: Putting our new drags to the test

    Looking forward to hearing about the reel and seeing some of the color releases.

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