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Thread: Lamson Velocity Reels

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    Quote Originally Posted by 20lb_steelie View Post
    Lamson = Best drag available.
    Sorry but that statement is a bit over the top. Good drag. I own one. But best drag available. Hardly.

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    I don't own the velocity but I do own the litespeed and the guru.They are my favorite 2 reels out of the ten I use.

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    I have 3 Lamson reels and a dozen or so from other companies, I always use a Lamson!

    I really should rehome the others

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    I own 12 Lamson reels. Three are the Litespeed Alox II reels two Konic's and the rest are Guru's Cant say enough about these reels. I have caught up to #40 Chinook salmon and the reel was more then plenty. I have quite a few videos showing the action they go into. For the money I would say the Gurus are the best. But if you can find the higher end Lamson reels for with a good discount.

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    I am impressed by the admiration and loyalty enjoyed by Waterworks-Lamson. Also by the dedication of the company to their engineering tradition. They have a link on their home page to a PDF outlining their philosophy in which they extol the virtues of their hard alox finish, mating cone drag design and, most importantly but controversially, their "line storage format". I quote, "The spool is large and wide, so the line is stored in a shallow layer". I have zero issues with their modern aesthetic, light weight build and matt finish. For a small sweep area drag design they get plenty of smooth power by maximizing sweep area by employing cones rather than flat surfaces...not to be confused with large or multiple sweep area drags for sure but more than adequate for most freshwater applications. That wide and shallow layer of backing/line storage capacity though...there in lies a dilemma.

    From their "engineering" perspective, it supports a more constant drag setting due to minimizing diameter change hence rotational speed while a fish runs. From an angling perspective, however, if a fish is running so strongly as to take that much line and backing off the spool as to alter its diameter, well that line has to be REGAINED in order to land the fish. Intuitively respooling all that line so it lays uniformly onto that wide, shallow surface without uneven build-up risking pinching and jamming against a pillar, that takes some bit of attention that might more ideally be applied to focusing on the fish instead of the reel. OK, this design flaw is not particularly relevant on a light trout rod fished on small streams where little line is pulled from the reel but get into lager fish that may well take you into your backing and you risk a great fish lost in the end game.

    Abel, Hatch, (modern) Hardy and most performance oriented reel makers employ a NARROW spool design in their large arbor reels specifically to promote uniform line retrieval. Sometimes, design by angler trumps design by engineer and I don't mean to single out otherwise fine design work by Waterworks; what I am saying applies to any reel whose spool is much in excess of an inch and whose aspect ratio is too shallow.

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    I have 2 for 3-4 wt and 5-6wt. They are excellent reels but mine were pre-alox. They have some marks but fish very well and handled some screaming trout runs into my backing several times on bigger rivers. I love their sounds and that I don't worry much about these. I did just buy a Litespeed but the Velocity was just as nice. Have fun...

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