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  1. Post Reel for Sage ZXL

    I have a new Sage ZXL 5 weight 9'. I wanted to purchase a new reel for it and upgrade my current Orvis Mid Arbor bar stock. I am willing to spend around $250. What would be some good options that would balance nicely with this rod.

    In addition, is it possible to buy the reel and an extra spool that I could also use on my Winston WT 4 weight 8'6".

    I would rather buy a great set up for the ZXL than an OK setup for both. But, if there is one that could do both I would jump on it and raise my budget another $50-$100.

    Thanks in advance

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    Lots of nice reels out there in that price range. I have a Ross CLA and 2 Lamson Velocities. If you do a search, you can find some of the older Lamsons (older style finish is the only difference I've noticed) for about 150 or so. The new finish ones are going for about 220-230. I have the V2 on my 5 wt SLT, and a V1 on my 3 wt SLT. My Ross is a #1 that I use on my 3 wt TXL and they're about 175 or so?

    I'm sure there will be others chiming on, but these are the ones I have and am happy with.


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    I would love for some one to tell me the Galvan Open Back 3.0 will work for both and than I could order an extra spool or maybe two.

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    I have cast the 590-4 with my #2 Evo, not sure there's a much better match at any cost. On your budget, I believe the CLA would also be a great choice.

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    I will 3rd the Ross i have 2 cla's and love them they do have an incoming clicker that turns some people off but they are well built and so far mine have been very reliable. And they have a very xmooth and consistant drag
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    Hi easttexas90,

    The Galvan OB-3 will work for both. You will have 100yd of backing with the 4wt WF line and 80yds with the 5wt WF line. If you think you need more backing with the 5wt line you can use Power Pro 50lb braided line for backing and you will have a bunch. You can also cut 10yds off of the running line on the 5wt WF to give you more backing if you don't want to use Power Pro or some other Spectra backing.

    For Trout fishing the 80yds of backing with a 5wt line will be plenty. I think you will have a sweet setup with the Galvan and a extra spool.


    OB-3 (3.0)
    4.5 oz

    WF-4-F 100 yd
    WF-5-F 80 yd

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    Sorry, forgot one point... I also fish the Evo 2 on my 8'6" 4wt BIIx and find it balances well on it too.


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