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    Default Another should I buy this reel thread

    I am probably starting too many threads, but I often do as I am instructed here so advice is welcomed again.

    I purchased an 8WT 9FT Reddington CPX rod a few weeks ago. (As suggested here lol). I have no large reels, and it really isn't in the budget now (nor was the rod) Truthfully I probably won't fish the rod until next spring. A reel is not an emergency, but I would like to cast the new rod.

    Cabela's has the Sage 1800 for $79. That seems like a too good to pass up sale. But if I wait I could probably spend twice that much this winter.

    I need a real decent drag as I am going to chase LM Bass and 5# (hopefully larger) pike with it. Heck maybe even a carp on a slow day. My other option is spool up my 8WT line on a 5 WT reel (with no backing) and try out the rod. Even considered buying a Chinese reel for now, but I hate to buy cheap junk that won't suffice for long.

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    Default Re: Another should I buy this reel thread

    The Sage is a solid reel; my son has one on his 9wt and he likes it just fine. It is a quiet reel but I believe the operator can hear it whirring quietly when a fish is pulling line. (I usually go for LOUD reels lol)
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    Default Re: Another should I buy this reel thread

    Yes, yes you should!!! They are a very underrated reel. They are machined, super quiet, hold a ton of backing and have a FULLY SEALED DRAG so its saltwater safe!! I have the cheaper version of it, the 1680 and it lacks the better machining and sealed drag but it was my carp reel for many years and always preformed flawlessly.
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