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    Pete, Since you utilize a spare spool for a sink tip line, your reason for acquiring spools is self evident. I have spare spools for many of my older reels where I had intermediate or sunk lines rigged too. No longer. I have foregone fishing beneath the surface in 95% of my fishing. Exceptions? I fished a full sinking line for striped bass a few weeks ago and caught a couple of schoolies (fishing the guide's outfit). After a little while I sat down and enjoyed the boat ride as the casting and angling technique of employing a counted down and blind stripped in sunk line just did little for me. However, I did buy one reel a few years ago with two spools...a Nautilus NV 10/11. It came in a large arbor 10 weight configuration but had a shallower, extra large arbor ("Giga") spool option for an 8-weight line and this is how I have primarily used it thus far. It is the ideal weight, performance and aesthetic match for my NRX#8 which remains my primary bonefish outfit. I do switch lines sometimes though as when trying several different floating lines on a rod to ascertain an optimal match up. On all my reels, sweet as well as salt, I twist a Bimini into my backing so I can interchange lines using a strong loop-to-loop interface. Like on this aforementioned NV Giga 8 I have a RIO Tarpon #8 for the NRX but would like to try the new SA "Bruce Chard Grand Slam" to see what line temperamental NRX thinks of it. I always have a couple of empty plastic spools that line comes on which make it east to unwind a line from a reel and crank on a new one. Of course, I would experiment with this at home, I never switch lines while fishing but if I did, I would buy spare spools like you do.

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    I have a few spare spools, but not one for every reel. I have 3 identical 5/6 reels. There is 1 spare spool for that bunch which is over lined, and gets installed when the wind comes up. The reels are set up differently from each other as far as float,sink,wf,DT, etc. But they all work the same, so no learning curve. They all feel like my favorite
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    Quote Originally Posted by pete a View Post
    I figure if I can't afford a spare spool for the reel then I need to wait til I can.

    I always like to have a sink tip with me as one never knows what conditions will dictate. I fish salt water 2/3's of the time and often winds are very high. Here have a spool with intermediate will save the day.

    I am gravitating towards Ross for most of my reels. But have a pile of Medalist (along with a pile of spare spools!!).

    Pete A.
    Another alternative is shooting heads. I bought four short Rios in various weights, five feet each for twenty bucks. It seems easier to carry a slim wallet of heads than a whole spool and line. But I'll have to play with them. To see how I like them in practice.

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