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Thread: Oiling a cork drag

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    Quote Originally Posted by trout trekker View Post
    All of our dozen or so cork drag Bauer’s dating back to the 90’s came with a small tube of ReelX and that’s all that I use on them. On our Abel’s it neatsfoot oil.

    It’s always good to check with the mfg before switching away from their lubircant recommendations. Especially important is the " why " they want you to use one and the “ concerns “ they may share, about using something other than what each recommends for their products.

    Definitely check with the company…Tibor uses graphite grease, abel uses needsfoot oil, etc…….I know if you happen to use graphite grease on an abel and ever have to send it in…they get a little peeved…lol...

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    My cork drag reels are all Bauer, so I use ReelX. One or two drops a few times a year...

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    Which ever cork treatment your reel came with and is recommended by its maker, stick with it. There may be incompatibilities between these various treatments. The main thing is to be consistent and sparse in the use of your cork preservative and check the drag surface before any major trip.

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