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Thread: Hardy Princess with 8wt line?

  1. Default Hardy Princess with 8wt line?

    My wife's bought me a vintage Hardy Princess reel and I'd like to use it on my Steelhead rod, my only dilemma is the line weight, I'd like to use 8wt if I can. Does anyone have an opinion on using an 8wt weight line with this reel. The information I can find says it's rated for up to 7wt but there has been the occasional mention of using 8wt with it.

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    I rate the Princess for a #5 or 6-weight line capacity wise. Further, it is likely too light weight to balance any 8-weight steelhead rod. Nor does it have a drag or even a palming rim. Very nice trout reel though.

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    Default Re: Hardy Princess with 8wt line?

    I agree with Richard,

    I have one that is used with an 8' cane rod in six weight. With gel spun backing you could fit a WF 8 on the reel but as was said the drag system will be insufficient on big water with big fish.


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    Default Re: Hardy Princess with 8wt line?

    I agree with the above. You could get an 8wt single hand line on the reel if you cut down on the backing. But it is such a light reel that you will have a hard time balancing it on an 8wt rod. A St. Aiden or Zenith would likely be a better option if you are still wanting a reel that looks a lot like a Princess.


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    Also agree. The Princess is a fine 6-weight trout reel. For an 8-weight line, however, you'd want the St. Aiden, which is just a bit larger in diameter but has a wider drum to accommodate an 8-weight line and about 150 yards of 20 lb. backing. The problem you will have is not being able to palm the reel on a good run because of the caged spool.

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    Thank you for the info. I think I'll return it for a more steelhead friendly Hardy. I already have a Marquis for my 5wt trout rod.

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