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    Good evening everyone. I just took a fly fishing lesson on Saturday and am anxious to get started. I live in Maryland and have the gunpowder, savage and north Potomac river to fish trout in. What got me started is I found a scientific angler system one 456 reel that I bought brand new about 15 years ago and never used. First, is this reel still ok to use and is the reel any good. Second, I was thinking about a sage launch 5 wt rod since they have it at a well known tackle shop in Baltimore City for a $130.00. Is this a good set up or should I just get a different reel to go with the rod or a different set up altogether. I plan to fish mostly trout but might venture into some bass. Thanks for any help and I love this forum.


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    Sounds like a sound way to get started. Take the reel with you when you buy the rod to make sure that you are comfortable with how everything works and fits. Enjoy

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    In most situations, a 5 weight reel holds lines. However, there will be times when Homie might force you to fight him off the reel. A SA System 456 will be fine for your application. If you feel that you must upgrade the reel, you can do it anytime.

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