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  1. Smile 13 year old fly combo

    I am looking to buy a fly combo in the $100-$125 range and have heard some of the combos dont have great reels and line. What do you think about the redington crosswater or the cabelas wind river combos. Thank you for suggestions.

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    mridenour Guest

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    Where are you fishing? What are you fishing for? Stillwater or rivers?

    Also, for future reference, you generally can just start one thread and get plenty of response rather than starting two identical threads in separate topics.

    Welcome to the forum. Supply more info and you will get much better answers. Thanks!

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    I am fishing lakes for mainly crappies/sunfish and the occasional trout.

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    Redington Crosswater is a good basic outfit. I bought two of them to leave with each of my in-laws when we go to visit.

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    I started with a St Croix outfit, I don't remember the model name but the equivalent now would be the Rio Santo. St Croix has always had great blanks but kept the price down through the components. In the past they have included great lines and good enough reels (plastic but with decent drag).

    I would check with Allen Fly Fishing to see what kind of packages they are putting together with their Compass rod. Outside of those two and other suggestions your best bet would be to piece together an outfit of used equipment. Figure $100 for the rod and $50 for a reel that includes line.

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    Whats better than getting a 13 year old into fly fishing?

    Good for you!!

    Do you have a local shop??

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