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    I am setting up a new Sage 7wt rod for somne serious brownies, bows and landlocked salmon. What line would you buy today and whether or not furrled leader is a good choice? The line will be put a 7-8wt Pfleuger reel.

    Throwing some distance into super clear water (Lake Winnipesaukee) and surrounding waterways.

    The other set up is more for traditional fly fishing usine a 5wt rod and reel set up. same questions re line and leader.

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    Well, for the 7wt, I'll say that my standard reco of either SA's Expert Distance or Airflo's Ridge Distance would be your best options. Both are long bellied WFF lines that will work well for what you're after.

    I've had good performance from the furled leaders I've used, but I think a properly formulated knotless tapered monofilament leader would serve you well too. Those specifically set up for bass and/or 8-10' long would be a good bet.

    For a general purpose 5wt rig, the line options are much more open, but my take on leader will be similar: Furled work very well, but a good STRAIGHTENED knotless tapered leader will serve you well also.

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