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  1. Default Redington CD Reel opinions?


    I can't locate much feedback on these reels through the archives search here or elseware. Looking for a reel to go on my 8wt ST Croix 8'9" Bob Clouser model rod for Bass and Pike. I was enamered by the fact that it has a cork drag for $140. It is a mid arbor which I wouldnt mind; I don't really need a large arbor for this. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Is this one of the old ones?

    They were junk! I had one and the drag would slip and stick. The thing was machined very sloppy and after a while it seemed to be falling apart. The bad thing is that Redington is such a good company.

    I am not sure if they still make this reel and if they do, they may have improved it. But if it is one of the old ones, pass on it.
    All Means All

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    I don't know if it would be considered a new or old model? I am looking at the ones selling right now at Bass Pro Shops; its listed here for you to see:

    Redington CD Fly Reel

    I jumped on the Redington bandwagon five years ago or so with their AL and AS like alot of people; but unlike alot of posters they treated me pretty good. I have a 7/8 AL, 5/6 AS,and a 3/4 AS. All were good except for the 3/4 AS that had to go back to Redington right out of the box because it acted kinda funny. The bummer with that experience was that it got lost under someones desk at Redington for about thirty days. Strange thing was; that it was lost only after it was scanned by UPS; so supposivly it was in route with a tracking number and everything for all that time. I would like to get something from Bass Pro Shops as I have a gift card to use; so another option they carry in this price range ($150 +/- $20) would be a Orvis Batenkill Mid arbor: would this be a better option?


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    You can never go wrong going with Orvis.
    All Means All

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    Same experience, I even killed the drag entirely on one Red CD, now I have several spools and two dying reels. Say away from them.

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    Default Re: Redington CD Reel opinions?

    Hi low6,

    I think you would be well served by the Orvis Batenkill Mid arbor. They have sold a bunch of these reels and I have not heard any negative reports. It seems Orvis has hit a home run with this reel. To my mind it would be a much better choice than the CD reel.


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    OK, good enough for me, I'll purchase the Orvis Batenkill med-arbor in 7/8.
    I think I will get a little crazy with this one and get it in Silver. Thanks for the input.

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