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    I have several 1594 1/2 spools. Will the 1594 1/2 spool fit the 1494 1/2 reel housing? Thanks, flyrodder

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    Hi flyrodder,

    I was hoping that someone would give you an answer. I am not familiar with the 1494 1/2 and the 1594 1/2. The 1594 has a rim control design and the 1494 does not use the rim control. I suspect that they are not interchangeable. I couldn't locate any information that really spelled it out. I would send Pflueger an Email and ask them.


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    Thanks Frank for the reply. I thought I would have a lot of answers for this question. The 1594 1/2 and the 1494 1/2 have a thicker spool than the 1594 and 1494. The 15's have a palming rim where the 14's don't. I see the 1494 1/2 reels advertised more than the 1594 1/2 on Ebay so since I have a couple of extra 1594 1/2 spools, I thought I could cobble a couple of reels together. flyrodder

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