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    Default Lamson Velocity Hybrid

    I got the 4/5 Velocity Hybrid a couple months ago and have a 5wt line on it right now. It's a larger arbor, but also a wide arbor. This means that I have to really mind my line as I'm reeling it in or it will pile up and stop up the reel. I'm not sure I like that. Maybe I just need to remove some more of the backing. Anybody else with this reel found a way to work around this problem?
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    Default Re: Lamson Velocity Hybrid

    Hi plland,

    With any reel you have to pay attention to your fly line as it is wound onto the reel. Some fly fishers use their forefinger and others use their little finger of the rod hand to guide the line onto the reel. Others use the thumb and forefinger to guide the line. It doesn't make any difference how you do it you just need to find a system that works for you. With large fish you need to be careful that you only touch the line as you wind in. When the fish runs you need to be clear of the line to avoid cutting or burning your fingers.

    We don't know how much line you have on the reel so it is hard to say if you need to take more backing off of the reel. I can say that you do need a certain amount of clearance between the wound on line and the legs or cross bars of the reel housing. If not, as you have found out, the reel will bind up. If you are trying to direct the fly line onto the reel and it is still binding up I would say you need to remove more backing. If you are just winding on the line with no attempt to guide the fly line onto the reel, then you need to improve your technique before you remove more backing.


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    Default Re: Lamson Velocity Hybrid

    "If you are just winding on the line with no attempt to guide the fly line onto the reel, then you need to improve your technique before you remove more backing."

    i hope i'm not veering too much from the original topic but i've recently begun wondering about this bit of advice. good advice too i might add.

    i recently lent a reel to a buddy for a few hours and when he handed it back at the end of the day, it was a total mess. i would guess he paid no mind at all in winding the line and probably fishes that way too. the more i thought about it, from all of the internet message boards and web posted articles i've read over the years, never have i run across mention of the simple technique to wind line back onto a reel.

    weird. i always thought it was common knowledge but now i wonder where i picked it up long long ago...

    btw, what is a "4/5 Velocity Hybrid"? i read somehwre the lamson hybrid's are reels pieced together, the spool one finish option, the body another finish option (isn't this a salvaging expedition by reel vendors to make use of odd ends?) but velocity models are 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 3.5, etc did you mean the 1.5 which is stated for 4-5 weight rod use? just curious, not trying to make trouble here :-)

    either way, the line bunching up is something that would happen with any standard fly reel unless as frank stated you take care to spool it back on correctly. and if you're just using this for trout, most people tend to put on too much backing in the first place. what does everyone think, 1/8 to 1/4 inch space between the end of the line and the edge of the spool good enough?

    fresno, ca.

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    Default Re: Lamson Velocity Hybrid

    It's a 1.5 model. I was thinking in terms of 4/5, but you're right that's not what it's called. I'm familiar with evenly spooling line onto the reel, but since this reel has a much wider arbor than most other reels, it's a bit trickier and if you're not very precise, the line bunches up. I think maybe I just have too much backing on the reel, but when I initially lined it up, the line all fit just fine.
    The other flies, n., pl.
    1. dry flies, nymphs, emergers, terrestrials, streamers, etc.
    2. What I use when a black #10 woolly bugger isn't catching.

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    Default Re: Lamson Velocity Hybrid

    i have a radius 1.5 and i think it's very similar to the velocity's design. yes, it's a bit wider than a traditional reel but that's very common for large arbor reels i think and from reading so many reviews of these lamson reels i've never heard anyone complain of the aspect you're relating being a problem for them. i'm not trying to invalidate your assessment. it's just that it seems to me to be a highly personal factor for you. nothing wrong with that.

    if you think the backing is part of the problem then you should remove some and see how it goes. give it some more time if actual fishing time over the past few months haven't been enough to truly evaluate the reel. if you still don't like it, sell it and move on.

    fresno, ca.

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    I use a TensionMate to help me spool my line.
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    Default Re: Lamson Velocity Hybrid

    I too am mystified by anglers who do not properly attend to re-winding line. However, as I have previously asserted, designers of too-wide, too-shallow aspect ratio reels are more concerned with the theoretical mecanical advantage of constant diameter related to constant drag setting than they are to how a fly reel FISHES. Avoid buying brands that persist in producing reels featuring this anti-intuitive line retrival too-wide flaw.

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