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  1. Default Peerless vs Saracoine?

    Looking for a new reel and deciding between the Peerless 2A/3A and Saracione MK IV Trout 3"/ 3-1/4". How do they compare and what's your thoughts?

    For the Peerless I like its leather case, adjustable click, and it is a bit cheaper.

    While the Saracione is more expensive, doesn't come with leather case and doesn't have adjustable click, from the net photos they look like having a better/shiny finish.

    Could you comfirm the Saracione finish is better or it's just photos? I compared many internet photos but am still not sure.

    I read that the Peerless is "hand made" while the Saracione is CNC. Does it matter? In case I want a more shiny finish on the Peerless, could I polish it myself? Read that it has an anodized finished so I wonder if it is able to slightly polish it without rubbing the anodizrd finish off.

    Finally, which one has louder and stronger click?

    Thanks very much.

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    Default Re: Peerless vs Saracoine?

    I have had both Peerless reels and Saracione reels. Without any doubt the Saracione reels are superior, better finish, smoother action.

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    Default Re: Peerless vs Saracoine?

    Nice click, fit and finish on my Peerless 2A. I have a Wulff Triangle Taper WF5 and backing on it. Since they are no longer made it will likely be easier to find the Saracione reels which are still available. I believe Vintage Tackle has a 3A for sale.

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