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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
    For the unfamiliar, Shilton is a South African built draw-bar reel. I like my Galvan Torque trout fishing but it is way to flexy in sizes larger than T-6. Camalbrass has it right...the usual suspects; Abel, Nautilus, Hatch, Tibor, Charlton/Mako. No one I know has fished Orvis's new Mirage yet. I've held them in my hand and they look good. If I had my choice it would be Abel's new SDS. There are a few lower priced import reel that might have the goods, TFO's Atoll or Cheeky Limitless and Allen's Omega might be added to the upper list. If one is traveling to the middle of the ocean to fish exotic species of size, one should fish the best they can get and bring a spare too.
    I've fished my mirage 10. Jumped an 80 lb Tarpon, but never got him on the reel. Caught a freight train of a jack with it. Had 60 lb leader and drag cranked waaay down to keep the target species (baby tarpon and snook) out of the mangroves. That jack still ran 300+ feet before even slowing. So, mymexperience w/ the Mirage is positive. Just looking for other inputs. FYI, I have two T8s and have landed redfish up to 12 pounds or so, plenty of small bones (up to four pounds), small-to-medium jacks, etc. I think the T8 is good enough for the species you would want to use it for. I do think it seems a bit flimsy for anything larger. My experience and expertise is, however, limited.

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    My experience is that series of reels that go from small trout to tuna size changed only by scale and perform well across the range are rare. Abel Super and Hatch come to mind. Nautilus takes a different approach, light weight yet capable FWX now better yet X at the trout end and NV and CFF at the heavy duty end makes a lot of sense. I've done some trout reel upgrading this year and one thing that is clear to me is that there is little reason to compromise on fly reels as there are very good ones not only at the high end but in the middle too. Though it can happen, reel failure trout fishing is uncommon but in the salt and on the flats, substantial demands are placed upon reels...those that work have tended to inform my trout choices and still I'm fishing reels from several different makers.

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    Don't know this guy from Adam, but this Loop Opti-Big for sale in the classifieds might make a good primary or back-up for somebody.

    Loop Opti Big

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    After speaking with my buddy, he uses a 12wt Winston and a Nautilus reel. However he will be upgrading to a 14wt to chase the larger GTs.

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    Probably not buying for a while yet. Trip is not until May. But, while visiting my in-laws in Ohio yesterday, I put hands on the CCFX2, Silver King, and NVG. The CCF and King felt no less flimsy than my Galvan Torque reels yet sell for an extra hundred or so. Hmmm. Now the NVG? Beefier feel without much more weight. $300 more than the CCFX2 though. But the. Again, who flies halfway around the world in pursuit of GTs and buys a weaker reel to save 3 bills? Sounds penny-wise and pound foolish to me.

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    Default Re: 12wt reel for Christmas Island

    No one mentioned 3 Tand or Wade which have proved themselves in the Seychelles on Monster GT's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robinfick View Post
    No one mentioned 3 Tand or Wade which have proved themselves in the Seychelles on Monster GT's.
    Wade is not marketed here in the US but, on the other hand, neither is Shilton or Magla (is Magla still in business?). 3-TAND has good design attributes and excellent value but may not enjoy the reliability reputation to serve beyond back-up status for exotic travel. Allen Atlas and Cheeky Limitless might be far better mid-priced options.

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    I'd take a Tibor Pacific Reel for the 12wt. Tibor Reel Corporation | Tibor

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    What are opinions on the orvis mirage reels (the older, non-american made ones)? They can be found new for a pretty good price on Ebay.

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    Here are some reel weights spooled with hollow spectra backing and 12 wt lines rounded to the nearest 1/100th oz

    New CCF X2: 12wt 12.44 oz.
    Old NV Eleven-Twelve 14.08 oz.
    Old Tibor Gulfstream 16.14 oz.

    The Gulfstream and NV have the most backing capacity. The CCF X2 has a much narrower spool width and, consequently, less backing capacity.

    Both my Gulfstream and NV 12's are slightly heavier than stock because I made big drag knobs for them both. The CCF X2 comes with a good sized drag knob.

    If I were to take only one reel, it would have a proven drawbar drag with two dogs on the clutch (drag) gear. If I were to take two reels, one would have a proven drawbar drag.

    There is a Gulfstream on ebay "buy it now" $545. Bids now at $328.

    Tibor Gulfstream Fly Reel, by Ted Juracsik. USED ONCE!,.....not a mark on it!!!! | eBay

    The Tibor Pacific pictured below shows the drag like on the Gulfstream and Abel reels. That guy doesn't have a good thin layer of grease on his drag. There is plenty of room between the frame and the spool to put a big glob of Tibor grease that doesn't touch anything. Then you can use it to re-lube if necessary short term - like on a couple weeks trip.

    Tibor Pacific Fly Reel, Green | eBay

    I have heard good things about Allen reels as well as about Colton Terrapin series reels. Coltons are made in the US as are Allen's I'm pretty sure.

    All those reels of mine have fought numerous migratory tarpon (and a few sailfish on the Tibor and NV). Only the NV had a hitch with the one way bearing while Jackster was fighting a big tarpon. It screeched for a couple seconds and let out line quickly then caught - however the fish got off during that 2 seconds. Jackster switched to the Tibor and subsequently caught 2 big fish and a line burn.

    That was a few years ago and it has not messed up on multiple fish after being repaired at the factory.

    The only problem I ever had with the Gulfstream was when I stopped abruptly at a stop sign, and it kept going after bouncing off the hood on its way down from the roof, hopping up as it rolled down the road very time the reel foot came around. So I just turned around, took the foot off and did some ball peen work and a bit of filing until it fit into the reel seat again. I got to order another one, one of these days.

    The Tibor Pacific is a monster reel and I can't imagine using it for anything but monster pelagics - especially now that hollow PE lines like Toro Tamer and hollow spectra like Jerry Brown are reasonably priced. A whole bunch more 60# hollow will fit than dacron.

    When installing the backing, I put it on the same way we load conventional reels, running it on concave so it is dished in the middle of the spool. Originally, this was to provide more surface area and better control for the leather thumbstrap brake on conventional surf casting gear such as I first started out with as a little kid.

    But it is nice on fly reels as well because, for people not used to level winding unconsciously, the line will tend not to pile up so bad, at least until they calm down and start paying attention to what they are doing.

    Best of luck on your trip! Let us know how you make out.
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