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    Default Re: Abel: The Harley Davidson of fishing reels.

    Sometimes fishing is just more important to one person then the next guy. I personally take my choice of reels very seriously for the environment I choose to fish in. To each his own.-CB

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    Default Re: Abel: The Harley Davidson of fishing reels.

    I think cork drags are the AK-47 of the fly reel world. Beat the hell out of them, disassemble, clean, lube, grease, assemble, enjoy.

    Well, maybe Abel’s are the gold plated AK-47s that they are using in Michoacan, Sinaloa, etc.

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  5. Default Re: Abel: The Harley Davidson of fishing reels.

    I fish Abels salt and fresh, mostly salt and have since 80s started with an Abel pliers in Carib Camo then asked my shop if Abel would do a 4N solid back and spool in Carib Camo that was my first and still is my go to for my 9wt switch with the solid spool, my 11 wt RPLX with ventilated spool, and mt 11 wt Method with Super 11 has the same cork...I have yet to see any machining and finish polishing equal to my early 4N(Charlton except)... rifle analogy would be a Pre '64 Winchester Model 70 in 30-06... shotgun analogy Parker GHE or Winchester Model 21 in 12 bore.
    I do own and use a Danielsson for my 4wt,a Lamson Speedster 3.5 HD for my 9wt TCX, and a TFO BVK 4 sale 120 for my heavier two handed rods for swinging steel in Michigan.

    I don't exceed 5lbs fixed spool drag(at the start of the backing) usually, as I have said before, 2-3lb...I have no reason in my experience to use a sealed drag of the techo reels that can stop jet planes...pull over tall's simply marketing hype to distinguish the "new" from Abel and hype for the better mouse need if you fly fish with tippet limit of 16-20...the Abel Tibor mouse traps were/are good enough. Whilst early Abels were heavy compared to others their Aluminum was not soft ...drop an Abel on the deck or rocks you can still fish...engine analogy Chevy Small Block...

    There are not any of my Abels or any part thereof that would bring to mind a Harley...having just finished watching "Lincoln Lawyer" and recalling the Harley gang scenes what those Harleys' remind me of in fly fishing are my marl caked Patagonia's or the worst after a great day on the flats in KW relaxing with a Cuba Libre and it's Harley time that gross, obnoxious, cacophonous Harley sound on the street destroying the moment.

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    Default Re: Abel: The Harley Davidson of fishing reels.

    Quote Originally Posted by mka View Post
    Another artist on the forum...fabulous!!! There are certainly many Lamson fans here and I like them too. I suppose the old saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" could describe our forum members' taste in fly fishing gear I love my Abels and they do perform for me. And, since you mentioned Tibor...well, that's another beautiful (in my eyes) reel that is a really nice performer on my little New Mexico steams.

    I always wanted a Harley, but fortunately my wife wouldn't let me have one...since I love her much, I figured I could do without a bike.

    I've grown to appreciate the simplicity of the Abel and Tibor designs. I still think the Lamsons have more artistic flair, but solid practicality has its merits, too.
    People complain about the humidity in Florida... but no one's ever had to shovel humidity to get to his car.

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  9. Default Re: Abel: The Harley Davidson of fishing reels.

    I just recently purchased my first ABEL reel, the TR in 5/6; Matte Black with Walnut handle. In my opinion, the most classy reel i could have got. I have a couple of Ross, Hatch and cheapo reels, and this ABEL has found it's self on the top shelf where I can easily walk by and fondle it as needed. One thing that has not been mentioned, and I will probably get flamed for saying it, but the presentation in which ABEL packages their reels is unmatched; doesn't matter the industry. The way my reel came packaged in a black box, worthy of holding the finest Cuban's, neatly placed tissue paper, ABEL Sticker sitting proudly on top and lastly the reel case. Blew me away. As someone said earlier, if you own 1 ABEL, chances are it won't be your last. I think this is very true as I already have my next picked out... SDS 8/9 in Teal with Bonefish Drag knob, platinum handle. Drooling just thinking about...

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    Default Re: Abel: The Harley Davidson of fishing reels.


    I have nothing bad to say about Abel reels, I have had Abel since Steve started the company, However Abel isn't number one in the saltwater game....and besides it's not the box it's what's inside that counts. In saltwater Tibor is heads and shoulder's above Abel-My 2 cents-CB

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    Default Re: Abel: The Harley Davidson of fishing reels.

    peakstocreeks said "I already have my next reel picked out..SDS 8/9 in Teal with Bonefish Drag knob, platinum handle. Drooling just thinking about...
    Me too mate!
    cb3fish...I wouldn't say that Tibor quality was "head and shoulders" above Abel,it's more to do with personal preference IMHO.The early Tibor Everglades for example in the Champagne (Gold) finish was referred to as the "Disprin" reel here in Australia because it "dissolved in water" due to poor've still got my Everglades in that finish and it's OK,but I do know others who had issues with theirs.

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    Default Re: Abel: The Harley Davidson of fishing reels.

    Dynaflow- When I was a "ABEL" guy I didn't think that much about Tibors now after that being said When Ted came out with the Signature reel design he left all the others in the dust- No more springs and paws to worry about ,No out going drag to keep breaking and locking up the reel, A new giant "sealed cork drag" and a spool that just popped off-lighter and stronger. I sold so many Abel reels for those guys they actually gave me a free reel-Sorry man the Tibor is the best tool for saltwater for my use.CB

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    Default Re: Abel: The Harley Davidson of fishing reels.

    I do love and enjoy the finer things in life.......that includes the ABEL TR reels.
    "On the water...the perfect cast...a beautiful fish...fooled at last!"
    O J Chartrand Jr

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    Default Re: Abel: The Harley Davidson of fishing reels.


    I had 3 TR#3, I had to send them back and get a new drag wire installed the drag was just too soft. Abel replaced it with a piece of Piano wire which worked fine. Yours are very pretty.

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