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    I have a 4 " Hardy , "Silex Major" reel that has a broken spool. The spool that I have is workable but has a half inch chunk broken out of it. I would like to find a replacement spool. Does anyone know where I could purchase one? Henrywald

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    You might try Cortland...They bought Hardy and sell parts for Hardy reels. Also there is a fiberglass flyrod forum fiberglassflyrodders - Message Board - Yuku that has a really good reel section and alot of those guys have Hardy's

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtex50 View Post
    You might try Cortland...They bought Hardy and sell parts for Hardy reels.

    This is very Inaccurate. Cortland never bought Hardy, they Distributed Hardy in the US, and as of next month Hardy will have it own wholly owned subsidiary run by Jim Murphy running Hardy/ greys in the US. Here is their US website, it should have contact info come August or September. You can read more about it here: Business:Fly-fishing firm creating 'little mecca' here

    There is also a good source in southern oregon that repairs hardy reels, but I will have to research it for you, it is in the medford/ashland area

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