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  1. Default Dutch Reels and Dollar Exchange


    This is my first post! I recently moved to this side of the world (previously lived in Holland and Scotland) and picked up my passion fly fishing again. The last days I went though my material for the upcoming fall season (Salmon/Steelhead). I came to the conclusion that I needed a new reel. Normally I stick to what I am used to (Hardy and ATH).
    I discovered that the reel I am after (Ari) no longer existed under that name. It is rebranded as Dutch Reels.
    Although a really great reel, it is getting out of budget now with the current Dollar/Euro exchange rate (I earn my money now in Dollars). This reel retails now for 699 EURO , the Hardy reels are barely cheaper.

    So now I am asking the experts what kind of American or Canadian reels do you advice? I really could use some advice!



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    Default Re: Dutch Reels and Dollar Exchange

    Welcome aboard.

    Suggest you take a look at Galvan reels

    The Galvan Fly Reel Website

    Best of luck, glad you are "back into it".

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    In my country Dutch reels are totaly out. I guess you know that they come from my country. You have to know the story behind to undestand why. Ari 't Hart, the famous artist, is trhown by side like garbidge by the factory wat's producing the Dutch Reels now. In holland they all know that, and they all like Ari, thats why. The reels are not what they used to be. In the passed they where handcrafted, but now it's only a macined product. You will pay mutch for less quality. Here the reels from Vision and Scierra are fully up to date. Galvan has also some good reels. Look around, before you decide. Peter

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    Thanks for all the advice.

    Maybe national pride may have blurred my view on Dutch reels. Thanks for putting my feet back on earth.... I see there is more than a small national firm and Hardy. I see there are nice Galvan, Vision, Danielsson and Scierra reels. I think will go after these... thanks!

    Tja Peter, er schijnt dus nog weinig fatsoenlijks uit ons kikkerlandje te komen... Ik ben erg gehecht aan mijn Ari's.

    Greetz from Toronto

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    though i don't use it often (moving towards click and pawl reels for stream and river trout) i really like my galvan OB-3 for freshwater (i don't do anything else really). look at their standard model if you don't need a large arbor. very well made in california.

    fresno, ca.

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    Thanks mate,

    I love the click and pawl... especially the sound (I really love the TR serie of Abel for trout). However, I think I will move towards a large arbor for Salmon and steelhead. Galvan looks nice to me ....I will make up my mind this week.


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    Default Re: Dutch Reels and Dollar Exchange

    Hi to all,

    Eric has made a great point. We sometimes over look the simple and jump up to more complicated and expensive reels. The Galvan Standard arbor reel is a dandy and any trout fisher would be delighted with the reel. It has the same drag that is used in the Open Back reels, which is a great drag for trout.


    Galvan Standard Arbor Reel

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    Default Re: Dutch Reels and Dollar Exchange

    thanks frank. i just reread the original post. galvan would have a good solution in their lineup for salmon/steelhead.

    fresno, ca.

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    Hi Frank and Eric,

    The both of you are absolutely right! About 15 yrs ago the best reel for salmon you could buy (at least in Scotland) was a Hardy (Marquis or Perfect by example). These reels were nicely manufactured and there were virtually no complaints. All these reels were click and pawl.

    However, nowadays everybody is looking for reels that could hold a train with fancy drag systems. You made a good point... it is hardly needed for most species we are after. For years these reels served us just right.

    A few years ago I bought a cheap Abel TR from ebay as backup for seatrout. Instead of beeing a backup, it was this reel I ended up using the most. I love the simple design and sound.

    Thanks guys for your input!



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    Not saying anything bad about Galvin, cause the truth of the matter, there IS nothing bad about them.
    I just want to add one more to the list. German machined, VOSSELER. Great reels, I now own three of them and love them. You can also get any color you want for a little more scratch.

    I did order a reel from England and was surprised than the pound is almost twice as much as the US dollar...that was a switch.

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