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Thread: Favorite Hardy Drag

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    Default Favorite Hardy Drag

    WE all know Hardy made some great drag systems. Anyone got any preferences?

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    Hardy Sovereign 2000 - #2/3/4 excellent for trout. I can not speak for the larger size reals but, the small real has helped me land some nice fish on my 3wt bamboo.

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    Default Re: Favorite Hardy Drag

    My fingertips feathering those older reels!

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    Like the Hardy Marquis. Got acquainted with this vintage reel in the '70s with my first Scientific Anglers (a Hardy Marquis made for SA). When I got back into fly-fishing several decades later, decided with my investment in spare spools that I'd stay with it and its click & pawl drag. Still liked its simplicity, and (as I think Jackster is alluding to), those spools are made for palming, which to me still remains the drag system of choice with the most finesse - you can vary the drag at will instantly and avoid a break-off. Then when I expanded from my 5-weight rods to add a Sage XP 7100 and Z-Axis 7100, decided I'd reel them with careful eBay purchases of the same reel and spools in 7-weight (one of which reels is brand new in the box. Needless to say, with the click & pawl racket those reels make (music to my ears), I'd hardly be one who was bothered by the reputed noise of the Scientific Anglers' Sharkskin line
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    Default Re: Favorite Hardy Drag

    Quote Originally Posted by reckless View Post
    WE all know Hardy made some great drag systems. Anyone got any preferences?


    I have had a bunch of Hardy reels. Most of them looked very good on a reel seat but the fighting capabilities were always suspect to me.

    My favorite is the Viscount LA disc 7/8. The drag will stop a fish when that is what you need, and will finesse a fish when you need that also. The dual pawl Marquis Salmon #II is a bit loud but until the fish goes nuts it is sufficient, the exposed rim will finish the job, but since I bought the Viscount LA disc I sold the Marquis.

    I still use lightweight series reels for light Trout fishing but have long since sold out many of the old collection. I don't know why they quit the LA Viscounts, they were only around for a few years and went out of stock by 2004.

    I've had Perfects, St. George's, St. John's, and the entire Lightweight line from the Flyweight to the 1963 St. Andrew, darn, I've had a bunch of reels, but I swear, the Viscount LA disc is a dandy. If you find one buy it with confidence.

    I still buy now and then but don't keep two or more dozen any more. I don't know if I answered a question here or explained why I use the handle "Hardyreels".

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    Default Re: Favorite Hardy Drag

    Thanks for the post. I know we all seem to have opinions but your was backed up by some solid facts. I agree the LA has a great drag but I am hooked on the loud reels. Saying that I have never had a fish really put a Hardy drag to bursting point. I, also like to use any of the lightweigs on brook fishing for the smaller fish but I guess I look at more of my hardy reels than fish with them. If you do have any you wish to move please let me know. Thanks

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