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Thread: Ross Cimarron vs. Lamson LP

  1. Question Ross Cimarron vs. Lamson LP


    It's time again for another fly reel... I'm debating between the Ross Cimarron or the Lamson LP series (found a deal on one). Does anyone have experience with either of these reels? How are the respective drag components on each reel?

    I had a Ross CLA for a bit (have since sold it); good reel but had the annoying habit of squeaking during the retrieve. I think this was due to the "full-cage" design of the reel; metal on metal perhaps...?

    Thanks for any help!


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    Default Re: Ross Cimarron vs. Lamson LP

    Hi Seth,

    I have a Lamson L2 that I bought sometime around 1978. So it has proved to be a good reel. It is well made with a simple drag. It is easy to switch which side you want to wind from. It has a sleeve bearing and works fine if you keep it clean and lubricated. I have been very satisfied with mine.

    As to the Cimarron I have not seen one so can't offer any information.


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    I have a Cimarron 5 for an 8 wt. and it has been a very dependable, durable reel for the past 5 years. My one complaint is the small arbor. If you are looking for a smaller reel where fast retrieve rate is not an issue then I highly recommend all Ross products and specifically the Cimarron.

    I also own a Lamson Velocity which has replaced my Ross as my go to reel, but mainly because it is a large arbor reel. Don't know anything about the LP series, but Lamsons seem to be well made reels.

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    They are both good reels. If you are buying them for freshwater, i.e. trout fishing, get the less expensive one.
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    Default Re: Ross Cimarron vs. Lamson LP

    I have had a Cimarron for a # of years and never a problem. I like that they are made in America. I prefer a regular arbor on my 4 and 5 wts that are 8'6
    ' or shorter and my bamboo so the size of the arbor was not an issue with me as one of the guys mentioned... If I was going to put a new reel on a 6, 7 or 8 wt I probaably would go with a large arbor. I've never had a Lamson but a lot of folks on this site sure speak highly of them....I suspect you can't go wrong wih either one

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    Default Re: Ross Cimarron vs. Lamson LP

    I am a big Lamson fan, but I'm glad they got rid of the LP series. They generally work fine for many years, but they have a design flaw that can rear its ugly head with bad results.

    The tabs that engage the drag and molded into the cast aluminum spool and due to the nature of aluminum, can wear down to worthlessness over time.

    Cimarron's are the best value that's been available for a long time, and I recommend them with great confidence. I learned recently that they are finally being phased out as of next year, so I'd snap them up at discount while you can.

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