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  1. $120, US-Made Fly Reel Smack-Down

    OK guys and gals, you have about $120-150 to spend on a US made reel for trout fishing. I am thinking Lamson Konic vs. Ross Cimarron vs. Bargain Lamson Radius on ebay, or whatever. Which would you choose, and why?

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    I will be purchasing a Cimarron 2 tomorrow and that my friends is worth a little truffle shuffle

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    I can't speak to the Lamsons...but I have a Cimarron and it has been a great reel for me for a long time. Never had a bit of trouble with it. I haven't had to use their service dept but I have heard from others they are awesome.

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    Y'all best snap up the cimarron's while you can, they're being discontinued along with the Rythym. New stuff out next year it seems.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I found an internet shop selling the Cimarron 1 for $112 delivered, and ordered one. They have the Rhythm for $150, for a $50 discount. I had the hardest time deciding between the two, but thought that for a 4 weight rod fishing the brushy, rocky canyons where I go, the Cimarron would work just fine and might even be a little tougher.

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    What about Teton for the flaccid's fully machined block Al... USA in CA

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    For that price, I will get two Martin MG-3 reels. Made in USA in the 70s. It will hold A LOT of line and weighs under 3 ounces empty with adjustable click drag!

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