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Thread: Drag?

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    I got a El Cheapo 5wt rod that actually is very easy to cast and holds up to fish very well. Thing is this rod has next to no drag on it. Should I be worried that it will go down fast or not?
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    Hi MrEsox,

    I am a little confused by your post. Did you buy a 5wt rod and you are concerned with the reel drag. If so, what is the reel?


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    Default Re: Drag?

    Fancy drags aren't as important as a lot of folks believe.
    Here's a couple of shots of how I customized a pair of Medalists for fishing in the salt.
    The "custom" drags work as well as any good disk drag and are instantly and infinitely adjustable.

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    I will restate since I see I put rod insted of reel. I ment reel. Thanks for pointing that out. The drag on the reel of my 5wt is next to nothing, it is a cheap Cortland combo that I picked up a few years know one of those starter sets that some stores talk you into getting. Thing is the grad is nothing more then some plastic that you turn to apply pressure on to a pice that adds some tention on the reel Now this new 1wt has a much better drag in a vastly smaller reel. Question is with having little drag do I have to worry about the reel breaking down. The last fish I caught on it I used my had to aply pressure on the line over using the drag. My other two fly rods/reels I could use the drag on it to fight the fish. Thus my question. Since the 5wt rod is actually very good and I can cast it very well and it holds its own on the fish I've taken on it. My only worry is that the reel with such a poor drag will it survive me. If the drag goes before anything else on the reel will it be worthless? Since that is the weakest part of the reel. I'd hate to think of the fact that the drag goes the reel will be no good no more. My next thought would be to get a higher quality rod and a better reel and keep this one for panfish.
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