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  1. Default Question about the drag on my Orvis 3/4

    No problem adjusting but if you have a fish on and one hand on the rod and one hand on the crank how the hecks the drag suppose to work. The handles on the spool so really if your holding the crank how can the line spool out if he runs? Stupid Me?

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    Default Re: Question about the drag on my Orvis 3/4

    Hi TnTom,

    I think this is a very good question. Many new fly fishers may need the same information.

    The drag on a reel is there to play against the fish. You have to remove your hand from the spool handle so it will spin free when the fish starts to run. When the fish stops, or comes toward you, or changes direction, you wind the reel to take up the slack. You have to learn when to wind and when to let go of the handle. It is a balancing act between your tippet weight, your drag setting and your ability to pressure the fish. When the fish tires you will find it easier to coordinate your winding. You may lose a few fish at first but soon it will be second nature.


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    Default Re: Question about the drag on my Orvis 3/4

    In most cases, you should set your drag at a bit over a setting that will keep the reel from over running or back lashing and leave it alone.
    It's too easy to get distracted while fighting a fish and crank down on that drag causing the tippet to pop.
    If you have an exposed rim on your reel, palm it to give yourself the extra control
    Fishing the salt, I find myself easing up on my drag more often that tightening it down
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

  4. Default Re: Question about the drag on my Orvis 3/4

    Thanks guys,
    I was just a little puzzled in that it seemed a little awkward to release the crank and let the fish run but really not a problem. It does have an exposed spool so plaming hasnt been a problem.
    Is this a method or design what enables the maker to keep the cost down? Its a nice reel it just felt a little counter-"efficient". (but so am I!)

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    Default Re: Question about the drag on my Orvis 3/4

    You can buy a reel that allows you to hold the handle, and still have the
    drag function. I think they're mostly a saltwater item, and they tend to
    be a bit pricey (and heavy).

    Flyfishing began without the use of reels, and for many anglers, reels
    are simply a device for storing fly line. My biggest concern is weight, and
    I'm presently in search of a very light reel for my 4wt rods. I had a
    couple ofd Scientific Anglers System 1 reels, and they were about 3.5oz,
    but I sold them....?????? Oh well.......

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