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View Poll Results: What Arbor Size reel to you use the most?

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  • Large Arbor

    67 45.89%
  • Mid Arbor

    38 26.03%
  • Standard Arbor

    39 26.71%
  • Other

    4 2.74%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Arbor Size Poll

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    Default Re: Arbor Size Poll

    Has anybody tried the Orvis Rocky Mountain Turbine Large Arbor reels?
    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

    Upstream Anglers and Outdoor Adventures

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    Large arbor for salt and salmon, conventional for most trout applications.

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    Default Re: Arbor Size Poll

    Until 7 years ago, I always used a couple of Japanese Pflueger knock-offs:
    Olympia reels. I then bought a Ross Gunnison, and finally thought I was in
    heaven with Okuma SLV large arbors/ The SLV's retrieval rate was phenemonal compared to standard arbor reels, and the spool's bearings
    are incredibly smooth. All of these reels were used on 5, 6, and 7 wt rods.

    I tried an SLV 4/5 on my 7'6" 4wt, and it felt way too heavy. I had been
    using a plastic Crystal River reel for 4wts, and it weighs 3.6 oz. That reel
    has wroked dandy for about 4-5 years, but I needed something a bit more
    classy, so I bought an Orvis BBS. It combines low weight (which
    I can definitely feel), and reasonable price. The retrieval rate isn't even
    close to LA reels, but I rarely cast more than 40' with the 7'6" rods.

    Put me in the "Both" column

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    Re: Arbor Size Poll

    Interesting thread.

    If anyone expressed an opinion of Natilus reels, I overlooked it.
    Wondering how you would rate them in a comparison with Galvan.

    Natilus: PRO'S - CON'S ?

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    Red face Re: Arbor Size Poll

    Oops! Nautilus

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    Default Re: Arbor Size Poll

    Hi imxer,

    You are asking about my two favorite reel makers. It is hard to compare them as the reels are not necessarily targeting the same fish. You won't be disappointed with reels from either maker. The Nautilus line was primarily made for salt water until they came out with the Feather Weight and Feather Weight Plus line. The Nautilus NV reel competes with the Able and the Tibor reels but for less money. We have a member that uses the NV in Alaska for Salmon and he has been very satisfied.

    The Galvan OB is sized for fresh water fish and is my favorite trout reel. It has the best drag for light tippets that I know about. It is not as light as some Ross or Lamson reels. It doesn't have an in-coming clicker and I like that a lot.

    Both the Nautilus and Galvan reels are very well built and machined from bar stock in the US. You will be pleased with the quality of both makers. You just have to pick your target fish and select the Galvan or Nautilus reel that best meets your requirements.

    Nautilus NV Reel

    Nautilus Feather Weight Plus

    Galvan OB

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    Default Re: Arbor Size Poll

    Hi Frank
    Re: Galvan & Nautilus, I find myself sharing your opinion, once again.

    The Galvan appears to be about as high a quality reel as any I have seen to this point. Must say I prefer the "Torque". Have friends who use the OB, sounds like there is not a lot to choose between them.

    The Nautilus FW+ seems to have the advantage in the capacity / weight
    area. Will take a look at them for quality etc. Don't expect to be disappointed.

    Appreciate your interest & post. This Forum is the best.


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    Thumbs up Re: Arbor Size Poll

    More: Galvan & Nautilus reels.

    Will consider the drags equal until I can use them.
    Prefer the Nautilus click but the Galvan spool release.
    Nautilus has the edge in the line capacity for weight area.
    Fit, finish & smooth operation look like a push.
    I like Galvan's clean/straight forward design. Nautilus has several
    exposed screws. Might not be a problem but they are apparent.
    Galvan "seems" more substantial.

    Conclusion: Will have to fish both before arriving at one, a pleasant

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    I got 2 large arbors, a cabelas prestige plus and a orvis rocky mountain turbine reel for my 8wt and 5wt. I got the orvis battenkill mid arbor IV for my 7wt and I have a ***** creek standard arbor also for my 3wt. I like the orvis battenkill mid arbor the most but use all the rest and they are just fine and don't bother me one bit.. just like the looks and feel to my mid arbor.
    "Hey, you.Get your damn hands off my herl !!!!"

    owner of the GL Fishing Forum.

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    Nothing but LOOP.....Dryfly,Nymph,Standard 1.5 & Model 2...the Original Large Arbors.....Great rods too!!!!

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