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View Poll Results: What Arbor Size reel to you use the most?

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  • Large Arbor

    67 45.89%
  • Mid Arbor

    38 26.03%
  • Standard Arbor

    39 26.71%
  • Other

    4 2.74%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Arbor Size Poll

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    Default Arbor Size Poll

    I know it's a matter of preference and it largely depends on what you may be fishing for but, in general what do you go to first before all others. Please provide any explaination that you wish.


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    Galvan "wide arbour" here. All I use now..

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    My two largest reels are large arbor, but I don't use them much. I use the two smallest the most, and they are standard arbor Ross. I actually prefer large arbor reels, but also prefer to not spend much on reels. A conflict that will likely torment me for all of my days....

    I also got both those Ross reels before most of the reasonably priced LA reels were available.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I have Large Arbors but like the Orvis Battenkill Mid-Arbor better.

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    The Waterworks ULA Force in either the 2XLT or 3XLT are excellent reels. They are extremely light, work flawlessly and can be used for fresh or salt water. I own a 3XLT and a 3.4 Waterworks reel. I use the 3XLT for Bonefish and Mangrove Snapper and the 3.4 for Tarpon and Permit. The 2XLT makes a perfect Trout reel. My "go to" Bonefish outfit (rod, reel, line and backing) weighs less than a bare Tibor Everglades reel. When you spend a day in the Yucatan sun casting to cruising schools of fish, the savings in weight is a big plus. The drag is fantastic and the reel has proven to be bullet proof. Tom

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    I have traditional, mid and large arbor. I prefer the large arbor, not only for the quick retrieve but, I fish all year long here in northern Utah and the line doesn't come off near as curly in the cold. The rivers I fish I have no problem running down shore if need be and stillwater, I can always turn around and chase.

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    The Galvan OB-3 is the only reel I own. so it's the one I use the most by default! To date, I do not have a single complaint about this reel.

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    I honestly have no clue what you guys are talking about.
    Are you refering to the size of the reel when you talk about arbor, as in how much line it holds?

    impart your knowledge upon me

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    gregory kicks
    The arbor is part of the reel spool which hold the line. The general theory of the large diameter arbors is that they produce less coiling of the flyline, which becomes much more of a problerm in colder weather.

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    Thanks! That's kinda what I thought it was, but that clears it up immensley.


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