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  1. Default The Orvis Odyssey...Worth a 2nd Look

    The Orvis Odyssey...
    Worth a 2nd Look

    Do you remember the Orvis Odyssey Reel? Before Tibor and Able became household names, Jim LePage was designing one of the finest reels ever for Orvis. It was a reel that was ahead of its time and performance and because of its unconventional look and lack of proper promotion, soon fell by the wayside. Some of the reel's finer points included a recessed counterweight, rounded edges, ported spool and a neoprene pouch. It came in 4 sizes simply known as the I, II, III & IV. The attached chart below indicates the line weight and capacity for each reel. "Jim LePage, originally from Rangeley, Maine has been with Orvis since 1990, Starting as a product developer. Jim brought with him an engineering degree and experience as a metallurgical and chemical processing engineer. He had also worked as a commercial fly tier and a Maine guide for brook trout and landlocked salmon. When he started at Orvis, Jim was one of two product developers responsible for rods, reels, flies, creels, and all other fly fishing gear. He helped develop the HLS, PM10's, Trident, and TL rod series. He also had a hand in the Odyssey, Vortex, CFO disc, Battenkill disc, Rocky Mountain, Clearwater, and DXR reels. Early on, Jim sat outside owner Leigh Perkins’s office and often made rigs for Leigh to take on his many fishing trips. He continues to rig for Leigh to this day. Since the beginning at Orvis, Jim has risen to Divisional Merchandise Manager of Outdoors (hunting and fishing), and Men’s. He serves as Director of Merchandise Operations, and has recently been made Vice President of Fly Fishing." I own all four sizes of the Odyssey and find them, by today's standards, to be first class reels. They all contain disk drags that are equal to the best reels on the market today. If you watch EBAY, you will find an occasional bargin on Odyssey reels and spare spools. THEY ARE WORTH A SECOND LOOK. Tom,

    Odyssey I
    2 - 5 weight 4.7 2.875" 3WF+175 20#
    4WF+150 20#
    5WF+100 20# 4WF+200 35#
    5WF+175 35#
    6WF+125 35#
    Odyssey II
    Big Game
    5 - 7 weight 5.5 3.125" 5WF+225 20#
    6WF+175 20#
    7WF+150 20# 6WF+250 35#
    7WF+225 35#
    8WF+200 35# $350
    Odyssey III
    Big Game
    8 - 10 weight 9.5 3.75" 8WF+250 30#
    9WF+225 30#
    10WF+175 30# 10WF+350 35#
    11WF+625 35#
    12WF+250 35#
    9WF+475 50#
    10WF+250 50#
    11WF+200 50#
    Odyssey IV
    Big Game
    11 -14 weight 11 3.875" 11WF+400 30#
    12WF+375 30#
    13WF+325 30# 11WF+650 35#
    12WF+625 35#
    13WF+575 35#
    12WF+475 50#
    13WF+425 50#
    14WF+375 50#
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  2. Default Re: The Orvis Odyssey...Worth a 2nd Look

    I have a friend that owns one of these reels and it is real nice.

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