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    Default Re: Ross Evolution LTXa Revolution?

    Quote Originally Posted by patze003 View Post
    Hey bud, so you mean that the drag is plenty?

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    Yeah, I think most modern drags are sufficient in terms of # of resistance. I would seek out the better capacity and lower start up inertia. Not sure where those three reels fall with regard to those.

    Also, you will be wading for bonefish right? I wonder if a heavier reel that brings your rod tip up a tad would be nice when wading. I know I try to balance my rods perfectly level with all the line I’ll be using stripped out on the bow of a skiff. So that’s a balanced rod with the fly/leader in hand and 10 ft of line out of the tip, with 10 ft through the guides and 50ish ft on the deck. That’s ready for an 80 ft hero shot.

    I like to have it balanced so I’m not using any weird smal muscles to keep the rod tip up for 8 hours a day. If you are wading the specifics of the ideal balance might be different but the concept will be the same.

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    Default Re: Ross Evolution LTXa Revolution?

    Evo LTX lighter - than you might think.

    Interesting thing happened when the 904 Pure arrived. It balanced much better with the 5/6, about an inch down the cork (short cork). The 4/5 left it very front heavy. The G Series 884 is really butt heavy with the 5/6 and it needs the 4/5, and it is only 4" shorter. There is a little more swing weight because of the bigger diameter of the 5/6, but I just didn't like the 4/5 on the Pure.

    The G Series 884 with the 4/5 and the Pure 904 with 5/6, actually feel like two different catagory or rods, even though on first look they seem so close.

    This brought up another issue for me. You can realy feel the difference in swing weight, especially roating around the lngitudinal axis between the 4/5 and 5/6. So, maybe a smaller diameter spool, but a touch wider - keeping the center-of-mass closer to the longitudinal axis. I think the old Ross Animas did this, and now I can see why I liked the swing-feel of that reel so much.

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