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Thread: T&T and Abel now part of Scottish firm

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    Default T&T and Abel now part of Scottish firm

    I have it from a reliable source, who got word from T&T ownership, that T&T has merged with Sharpe's of Aberdeen, and that conglomerate has purchased Abel.

    Just though y'all might like to know. You can read about Sharpe's and their warranty policy at

    I think Sharpe's will do a fine job as an owner of these companies, but given Davy Wottons likely experience with the Co, I'm curious to hear his take on it.

    I'll have to admit I snickered when I saw that the web page of the new owner of what I think is the snobbiest reel company out there had a big fat carp on their main page. I think carp are an underrated and underrespected sport fish, but not an image I ever expected Abel to align with.
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    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  2. Default Re: T&T and Abel now part of Scottish firm

    Cliff, I was not aware that that take over took place and l have to say l am at a loss to understand why, other than Sharpes do have a very good distribution over there.
    Or they will set up a manufacturing base to be able to market those products at a far lesser cost than they are available back in the UK and EU in general.
    If they were directly imported into that market place.

    One of the main issues for American fly fishing tackle in the EU market is the related price compared to the same product sold here.

    A Sage rod at around $600 here would be any thing from $850 bucks in the UK and way more than that in other EU countries.
    Also sales tax for example in the UK is 17.5% ,many other countries it is up to 25 %.

    Then you have to deal with how the currency rates change. Some of the EU countries have the Euro dollar other do not, the UK still holds the Pound and some other countries retain also the original currency.

    I can only tell you from at one time manufacturing in the UK fly fishing products and then marketing them worldwide that the fluctuations can hurt you.
    Typically a dealer, say here in the USA would want a given price for the coming year. He would relate his catalogue prices to that.
    From my end l would have to figure a cost that was a mean average against the USD. Which would change in a 12 month period.

    Then you have the additions of shipping and import duty, which can also increase, it never goes down.

    I am not sure of course if that deal is related to Sharpes having a total market for the EU in general or only for the UK, which l would doubt as it is by US standards very small.

    May be the time has come that the two USA companies concerned are no longer able to satisfy, production against home sales. Given the competition out there now days that may well be the case.

    I have always felt that we fly fisherman do pay through the nose for many of the products out there, way more than the reality of the worth of those products.
    But l also accept that the manufaturer, sales rep, and fly shop have to make some bucks out of the product along the way.

    But the USA market differs, there are many persons who can afford and will pay whatever for those products, but for how long will that market sustain, there has to be a down turn at some time or the other. !!

    I think also that here in the USA the image that is portrayed, so far as being decked out as a fly fisherman differs a great deal back in my home lands l can tell you.

    Of course main line companies like Sage, Simms, do have some market there , but nothing like companies such as Diawa and Shakesphere, and other UK based companies that have been around for a long time.

    One of my close friends is the MD for the Mustad co, and he recently told me that the UK tackle market is as bad as it could be right now.
    Too many products and too many retail store outlets, not to mention mail order companies and all other means of sale.
    Couple that with a market that does not grow, well, good luck.

    I will endeavor to find out exactly what has taken place with Sharps, Able and TNT.

    Tight lines for now Guys,

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