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Thread: Lamson Guru

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    Has anyone had experiences with the new lamson Guru reel.

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    Hi redfishGa,

    It looks like no one has seen one of the Guru reels yet. It appears to be very similar to the Lamson Velocity but cheaper. A step up from the Konic. It looks like it is a cast reel but Lamson claims it is fully machined.

    Waterworks Lamson Guru Fly Reel

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    I personally saw that model from the store... Frank is right it looks like a hybrid between Velocity and Konic. The paint finish seems to make it look like its cast but its claimed as machined.

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    Would you say the reel has a shiny finish.

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    Not sparkling shiny such as Orvis BLA titanium finish... but far better than the Konic finish. I like the Guru... I wish have bought that instead of my Konic.

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    I got in on the Velocity closeout at Cabela's and could not ask for more for my $129...

    The only thing that bothers me about their new reels is the lack of a size 1. No Konic, no Guru, no Velocity2 model in a size 1, only the Litespeed. I have a Velocity Hard Alox 1 and it is smooth as butter!

    Lamson has my vote for reel purchases from here on in, so I have my choice made!

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