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Thread: Ross Airius

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    I try to buy American Products always, but youcnat get really mad at these companies. FOR INSTANCE: Winston rod company is scheduling to lay off 50 of their 100 employees soon. If those fifty could keep their jobs if some of those rods were made overseas, i would buy the products. BUT made in America is an important part of the winston company.

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    Here goes..................

    I kinda go with the Big Cliff view but own a bunch of Filson products. I also own Nikon products and can hardly avoid Chinese made products if I am to be a consumer.

    I was a Steel Worker in another life and have owned more of those over rated Hardy's than I can remember. I own a Ford truck but drive a Subaru also. My Kawasaki KLR 650 will get me to the river even when gas hits $6.00/Gallon @ 50mpg so I guess I'm a planner. Am I a global kind of guy?

    As for the day that all rods and reels will be made overseas, I will be realizing huge profits on my sales of American and British made tackle on my eBay account so I guess I'm a speculator, although I took a whipping on gold in the past three months. Shoulda bought silver.

    All that taken into consideration I'm not gonna get too worked up over what Ross Reel decides to do with its business, I don't own any of them. I do however own several Lamson products and approve of them very much.

    Do you use natural mallard quill for the wings on your dries?


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    I wish filson cut their stuff with wider shoulders. Their stuff that's big enough to fit my chest seems to be cut for shoulders much smaller than mine.

    Natural mallard? Hell, I use elk hair, CDC, and antron almost exclusively. You can keep all the Cahill action to yourself.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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