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Thread: Galvan Reels

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    Default Galvan Reels

    I was look at 4wt rods today settling on a St. Croix Legend Elite. But now I need a reel for it. The shop keep recommended a Galvan "Open-Back" Reel. I no nothing about Galvan reels. Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with this company and/or this model of reel.

    Also was looking at Ross, Lamson, Orvis BattenKill, and TFOs reels. Not sure what I should get. Any recommendations of any other brands will be much appreciated?

    I plan on using this rod to fish small streams for panfish, crik chubs, small bass, and the occasional trout if I get bored.

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    Default Re: Galvan Reels

    Hi Mike,

    The Galvan OB is my favorite Trout reel. I don't know of any Trout reel that has a better light tippet drag. The machining and finish is top notch. You won't be disappointed with the Galvan OB. The shop keeper was pushing the OB for a good reason. It is a great reel. Not quite as light as some reels but I would make that sacrifice for the performance.


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    You can't go wrong with either Ross, Lamson, or Galvan. I have never played/fished with a Galvan reel, but love Lamsons. I think Lamson reels are the best bang for your buck of any reel out there. Frank says he loves the drag on the Galvan, but I have never seen a better drag than the one on the Lamsons (having never seen the Galvan). Then again, with a 4 wt. reel the drag isn't super 2 cents.

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    go with the galvan OB. you might even consider the galvan standard for a bit less minus the larger arbor of the OB. both are fantastic reels with exceptional quality and made in the usa by a good company.

    i have an OB-3 and a lamson radius from a few years ago (i mean older model). if you conduct a search on the internet you will find many who like their lamsons but you will also find a few who have experienced a problem with the conical drag and having water get into it. seems weird to me water could mess up a fly reel. still, lamson would fix it for a nominal charge (i have yet to send mine in and yes i have the problem) and this problem may be limited to their lower end reels and perhaps has been addressed by now. the spool does not turn anymore. not good. they do offer good customer service from what i read.

    you'll be hard pressed to find anything negative about the galvan reels. the OB has a soft muffled outgoing click and silent retrieve. ok, hardy lovers may not like it lol

    by the way, you can find many reels on closeout right now including the lamson velocty hard alox. 3 generations later and being a more expensive model, i might be tempted to try a lamson velocity at a closeout price (especially since i just started fishing for freshwater stripers and need a bigger reel). i can't recall if i've heard of the moisture related problem with the velocity model though they are probably the same design as the radius.

    go with the galvan... it's the safest bet and you won't be disappointed. chances are you'll wish all future reels you may buy were made of the same quality.

    fresno, ca.

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    The way that water gets into the drag on the Lamsons is that the shaft is sealed with O-rings, and requires a pretty good push to lock into place. If there is a gap, water can get in.

    That being said, I would not trade my Lamson Velocity 1 for anything. It is one of the smoothest reels I have used, and the drag is second to none.

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    yes, you're right about the O rings being the problem as related to me by lamson on the phone. still, it was a new reel used only gently for a few months. same circumstance of others' i've read.

    fresno, ca.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezamora View Post
    yes, you're right about the O rings being the problem as related to me by lamson on the phone. still, it was a new reel used only gently for a few months. same circumstance of others' i've read.

    fresno, ca.
    I understand that, but with a Lamson Conical Drag reel, you just have to make darn sure that the spool is firmly seated against the frame.

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