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    Default Re: More from the Vault-Fly Reels this time

    And the Marryat's had an interesting caliper drag too along with innovating a sliding pin as opposed to a lever spring loaded spool release. Hardy and others copied that latter. Regrettably, the metallurgy was way off on the malleable side and breathing on a Marryat hard would deform it. That is why we don't see too many in action today. I too was sucked in by George Gherke; mine bent by dropping it on soft grass. Still it was better than Gherke's Gink!

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    I never knew of the weak design properties Richard, but then even way back then I was pretty set in my ways when it came to trout gear. If it wasn't a Hardy or Hardy built CFO I wasn't using it. Still for Trevor to have some nice vintage models is pretty cool I think.

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    Of course I recall your handle used to be 'Hardy Reels' and back then I too fished Hardy and CFO...occasionally still do.

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    I wasn't aware of the softness issues but what has put me off a few 2nd hand gold models is the degree of rash to the smooth rear of the cage. Carelessness by the previous owner or are they easily scratched, too?
    It's an honest question as I wouldn't mind picking one up some day - unless it needs mollycoddling.

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    They're very soft. The MR8.5 has a spare spool (not pictured) which deformed very easily and rubbed against the cage.


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    Going back to when my 'vault' was in its formative stage, George Gherke, the original importer/distributer in America for Japanese Marryat Reels, sent out a letter (yes on paper with as stamp) offering a good discount for pre-availability orders. Perhaps he somehow acquired the Theodore Gordon Flyfishers mailing list as a few of us took advantage of this offer. In due time, I received the two I'd ordered, nicely packed in brown aluminum cases. But not my fellow club member, Bob Cohen.

    Back then it was not the Edison Show or even Somerset but the old Suffern Sportsman's Show. George and his wife had a booth there resplendent with their new Marryat reels. Bob calmly approached them to inquire where his reels, that he had paid for months earlier, were. George informed that only a few had thus far arrived from Japan and he would receive his in short order. "But you have the sizes I wanted right here in your display case?", suggested Bob. "Oh, these are our display models, they are not available", responded George. Their discussion continued and gained heat. George was a slender fellow and Bob a bear of a man with a big beard. This Show was housed in a big field house, high ceilinged with a narrow walkway half way up accessed via a metal staircase. It was noisy as it was not a fly fishing show only and outdoor enthusiasts were sampling duck and turkey calls loudly.

    But suddenly it went silent as the curdling creams of Gherke overrode all else as Bob had grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and, dragging him up the stairs to the veranda, had commenced to dangle him over the iron railing threatening to throw him to the concrete floor below if he did not produce his reels. Our fellow club member, famous Lee Wulff, ran up the stairs, no easy feat as even back then his ankles were not so sound, imploring Bob, "Bob, don't do it...they'll insist on you going to jail and you'll miss the Spring salmon season!" Gherke meanwhile was screaming to his wife, "Give this maniac his reels, give him all the reels, he is going to kill me".

    Bob did not throw Gherke to his death, pulled him back up and went down to the Show where George gave him the two reels he was due. Lee and the rest of us gave a sigh of relief and the Show returned to its raucous normality. George, Bob and Lee are no longer fishing among us anymore but somewhere I have my one undamaged Marryat in its original tin can as a souvenir of that drama.

    Interestingly, this was one of two memorable events from that Show as it was there that for the first time I met and engaged in dialog with Steve of our topics was the relevance of switching lines on a given rod, a continuing theme in my life as a fly fisher.

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