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Thread: Nautilus CCF

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    I am thinking about getting a Nautilus CCF for my 9wt and 10wt rods. I was just wondering if anyone has used them before? They are not as light as lamsons are but the drag system is quite impressive. I like the idea of a closed drag system, plus it is reel I could use for future fly fishing in salt water.

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    Hi Mike,

    You won't be disappointed with the Nautilus CCF. It use to be their top reel. It is not a light weight (9.6ozs in size 10) but I bet it will balance you 10wt just fine.

    If you want lighter weight then take a look at the Nautilus NV. It uses titanium and ceramic bearings. The size 10 weighs 7.6ozs and has a slightly larger drag than the CCF.


    Nautilus CCF

    Nautilus NV

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    Hi Mike,

    I've got one of their NV series on my 6 weight that I use for salmon up here. Incredible reel with a great drag and pretty much indestructible. From what I understand, the CCF drag system is pretty much the same on the two reels. I've had mine in about the worst conditions imaginable, and it handled it all without any problems. Buttery smooth is the best description I've seen of how this reel feels.

    One thing I did notice with mine was that it seemed to need a little bit of break in on the drag. When I took it out of the box the drag wouldn't go very light. After hooking a few Silvers with it though it loosened up and I haven't had any problems with not being able to adjust it as light as I want - and it will still crank down tight enough to stop a freight train.

    After using my NV hard for a season, I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a great US made reel that can handle just about anything.


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    The NV sounds like a great reel but I do not know if 2 oz. less at $200 dollars more is really worth it. I am college student on a tight budget, doesn't look that way with what I am buying. I always say buy quality first and quantity will come later.

    Played around with the CFF and the NV at a local fly shop the other day. From a price point the CFF will suit my need I believe.

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    I believe the CCF has pretty much the same drag system, just slightly smaller and with steel rather than ceramic & titanium parts. That's why I put up so much about the NV, as that's the one I have experience with and thought it would be fairly applicable to both. Based on that I think the CCF would be a great choice.


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    I appreciate your advice. Looking forward for my purchase now and for the hardwater season to be over with so I can use it in action.

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