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  1. Talking Any reviews on the Nautilus FWX yet (FW then?)?

    Hey Guys,

    As you know, I went on a crazy Galvan buying binge. LOL My reels are all ready to go, except my one 6 weight reel. Its a brand new cross current g loomis, thats a fine looking reel, just very heavy. Looks purdy, smooth, however the Galvans are just over powering it . However, for a light/medium duty trout reel, the FWX's seem real nice too. I do not plan on targeting trout larger then 20-24'', so the 5/6 FWX should be fine...

    I have just heard they lack the drag compared to the Galvan, which is why a t-8 went on my 7 and 8 weights, rather than the FWX. but, I wouldn't mind trying it out on my six weight, especially for the price!

    The FWX reels look SICK as well.

    Any reviews out there on it? I believe its the same drag system as the earlier FW series...And while were at it, how was the FW series and the drag?

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Any reviews on the Nautilus FWX yet (FW then?)?

    Didn't you start a nearly identical thread already?

    I think the FWX's are hitting shelves this week. I just spoke with Tim at Stillwater Outfitters. They are just getting their order in tomorrow, but he is really high on the reel.

  3. Default Re: Any reviews on the Nautilus FWX yet (FW then?)?

    Got the FWX..

    Reel is hottt...prob one of the prettiest reels on the market...however, galvans drags are DEF smoother...

    But this FWX is sick...

  4. Default Re: Any reviews on the Nautilus FWX yet (FW then?)?

    I am also looking at a Nautilus FW 7+ reel for myself! Anyone have one for sale?

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