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  1. Default Any reviews on G Loomis' Current Reels?

    I am about to purchase G Loomis' Streamdance GLX (5wt) rod and wanted to put their 5-6 wt. Current Reel with it but I can't find a review out there anywhere for this reel. I'm new to this form, and to fly fishing for that matter but I would sure appreciate some help.

    Kind regards,

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    Default Re: Any reviews on G Loomis' Current Reels?

    Hi flightcontrol,

    I think you will like your GLX rod. I have never seen a Currant Reel. Here are my thoughts:

    I assume the reel is made over seas but I don't know where. The description of the reel from Loomis says: "cold forged". To me cold forged means it is stamped out of aluminum sheet. There is nothing stated about the reel being machined. It is called a light weight reel but they omit the weight of the reel. In many cases when weight is omitted it means the reel is heavy. The list price of the reel is $270 and that puts it in competition with several USA made reels that are fully machined. A fully machined reel means better tolerances and probably better performance.

    So I don't know if it is a good reel or not but for the money I think you can do better.


    Loomis Currant 5/6

    Current Reels
    After you're gone, these reels will cause fights amongst your heirs. Until then, a top of the line water resistant drag system will put the odds decidedly in your favor when you tussle with drag testing fish. Double anodized and cold forged they're light, strong and easy on the eyes. A quick-change push button spool and easy handle conversion makes it easy to swap lines and will keep the southpaws happy. The reel is available seperately or as a combo that includes a spare spool and clam shell case.

  3. Default Re: Any reviews on G Loomis' Current Reels?

    Thanks for the reply Frank. It is a good looking reel but you have a point about how it is made. It is very strange that as much as I can find out there on G Loomis' rods and other reels, I can not find anything on their current reel. Not one user review out there... I'll most likely keep looking.

    Thanks again for your thoughts.

    Kind regards,

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    Thumbs up Re: Any reviews on G Loomis' Current Reels?

    Hi Danny,
    While you are at it, suggest you check out Galvan & Nautilus.
    Both fine reels & US made.
    Best of luck, enjoy the GLX !

  5. Default Nobody has ever seen/used a current reel???

    Is it safe to say that nobody on this forum has bought, used or knows someone who has used a G loomis current reel..? I emailed the company and their only reply to this question was to copy and paste the website ad for the reel. I'm starting to wonder if anyone at G Loomis has used this reel... I did find a video of Mr. Loomis standing in a stream with a fly rod and what appeared to be a "current reel" on it... But,, he never made any cast,, he just stood there and talked to the camera... Was he afraid to cast for fear of the reel coming apart and falling into the water??? Strange indeed.....

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    Default Re: Any reviews on G Loomis' Current Reels?

    Loomis was bought out by Shimano about 12 years ago. I believe the Currents are made by Shimano in China. While Shimano makes some very good spinning reels, they are not known for their fly reels. I've never used, held, or even seen a Current, so take this with a grain of salt, but here's my take... to be clear just opinion not fact... but these are things I'd be concerned about for the Current reel especially at that kind of price.

    Loomis continues to make excellent rods after their takeover, but perhaps the vagueness of the response from Loomis about the reel speaks volumes about the extent of design input etc they have on the "Loomis" branded fly reels. It looks like it's more of an attempt by Shimano to capitalize on Loomis' well deserved reputation for their rods to sell fly reels under the Loomis name.

    In addition to the "cold forged" description, the other thing I'd be concerned about is the "water resistant drag". What's up with that? Personally, I'd prefer it either to be fully sealed (hard to actually do) and water doesn't get in at all, or it's wide open to allow for complete drainage if it gets dunked. Having a reel with a drag with a "water resistant drag" raises a concern that water and suspended particles will get in but won't get out. There is also no detail on the drag, weight of the reel, available schematic showing construction and components, and although some people like them, I'm not a fan of the open "lacey" metal frames- it looks too easy to get one of those star shaped frame supports banged out of alignment, and I'd personally prefer a more solid construction.

    As Frank points out, for that kind of money you should be able to get a CNC machined reel with a more proven reputation. Bauer, Nautilus, Ross, Lamson etc etc.... The fact that there seems to be so little available info on them, including the absence of a schematic, and so little feedback both from Loomis and the relatively few users that might have them, is also a red flag IMHO.

    Just my .0002, again with no direct experience with this reel... it may be the bee's knees, but without testimony from more knowlegable users to that effect I'd look elsewhere.


  7. Default Re: Any reviews on G Loomis' Current Reels?

    Thank you for the reply and your .0002 worth. You had some very good points and I will keep my order for the GLX but "look elsewhere" for a good reel. Plenty of red flags as you so noted!

    Thanks again,

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