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  1. Default Re: A reliable, tough saltwater reel for under $200? Is that possible?

    Used $400 to $500 can be found routinely on eBay in decent to great shape. You must be patient if you have an exact model and color in mind. If you have multiple models that are acceptable, the wait will be much shorter.

    I have bought multiple used abel reels off eBay at large discounts from new price and have been happy.

    Very large discounts available on used reels with a name engraved on them. They fish fine with someone els’s name.


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    Default Re: A reliable, tough saltwater reel for under $200? Is that possible?

    I broke my second rod of the year in July while fighting a large rainbow. The 5wt. Sage One broke in the tip section with about two feet of fly line out of the tip. I laid the rod on wet gravel and hand lined the fish to net. Sweetandsalt came over to snap a pic and inadvertently stepped on the rod breaking the second section. I sent the rod to Sage through a fly shop the same day and it was on my door step a little over 3 weeks later. The cost for shipping and repair was $100 with no questions asked by Sage. I have no complaints and happy to have my favorite 5 wt. back in 4 pieces. My new Method served me well for the rest of the trip in the 5 wt. category.

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    Default Re: A reliable, tough saltwater reel for under $200? Is that possible?

    Quote Originally Posted by FredHerring View Post
    Can anyone offer an opinion on this? I am looking at reels such as the Echo Bravo, Sage 2280 Reel, or even an Orvis Hydros SL. I am more interested in durability than low weight.
    Of the reels you mentioned, the Orvis Hydros is the highest rated on this shootout.

    2018 8-Weight Fly Reel Shootout %%sep%% %%sitename%%




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