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    Hello Everyone,

    Iím a new member with some questions about reels and lines.

    My son asked about branching out into something different for our next summer fishing trips. Our fishing really has been almost exclusively spinning for smallmouth bass in Northern Maine.

    So I dusted off or rather uncovered my Pflueger 1494 Medalist that I purchased in Greenville, Maine in 1977. I tried to get info on-line about this reel but was not successful. As I am certain things have improved over the last 30+ years here are my questions.

    Will this reel be able to be used with a WF-8 line? Or will I need to invest in a newer reel? Iím wondering if the current fly lines will be able to be used with this reel.

    Thanks in advance for everyoneís help.


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    What little I saw. It holds a WF6 with 50yards of backing.

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    Your Medalist is a bit of a collector's item. Not an expensive one, but popular none-the-less.
    I have a few 1494s and I use 6wt lines on mine. With an 8wt line you'd need a larger 1495 or 1495 1/2. if you'd like to stay with the Medalist.
    They're imported now, but still good quality for the price.
    Less than $30
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    Good old reel and an 8 wt will fit.

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    You could get an 8wt on the reel if it were a VERY weight forward configuration, but even with a bit of 20# backing you'll fill the reel to the rim .. and maybe then some. The 1494.5, and larger, will hold an 8wt with greater ease.

    As for the age of the reel, doubt there's a whit's bit of difference (the insides) of this one and a new one out of the box.

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