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    Default Re: Hatch Finatic Gen 2

    I really like reel threads. Yup, I do. Members often offer up personal experience and unlike rod threads, there is a greater amount of fact, less holding back on any negatives, and, a lesser amount of opinion thrown around (not that there is anything wrong with opinion). Like rods, I favor good reels, and not especially specific to brand loyalty. Early on in my fishing....a few 35-40 years back...we didn't have (without really stepping up to high end custom private makers) the terrific options we have today...we had basic Pflueger, Hardy, Cortland, Fenwick, etc. click and pawl reels....My first was a Pflueger...then I got serious and saved up and bought a the early 1980's Hardy's and Orvis reels were the mass commercial benchmarks and I began my guiding with them....mid to late 1980's Steve Abel transitioned out of aerospace machining and started making reels (although he had made his own and a few for friends before commercially available)....when Abel hit the market...almost all guides I knew at the time went to Abels....I guess that's when I got hung up on Abel's and still yet today they comprise the majority of my reels. Although Ross caught my attention with the San Miguel around 1990 or so, and the original Ross Colorado was a nice light little small water reel, and the Ross Gunnison was a standard for Guides client rods and even their personal rods. As rod design started changing for trout rods and becoming faster and more powerful, reels followed suit and drags became more standard fair. Today we undoubtedly have some of the finest and capable reels ever produced, Ross is now a top tier maker, Abel still is, Hatch, Nautilus, Galvan, Bauer, and many, many, other makers can arguably present a top offering.

    In my personal collection I still have Hardy, Ross, Abel, Hatch, and Galvan....for 5wt class reels I have Hardy, Ross, and Hatch is 6wt (5 plus) and my one Galvan is a 3wt. The Hardy's are reserved for my more classic rods. The reels I fish on Modern rods are Ross, Abel, Hatch, and Galvan. My personal favorite is the Abel SD/SDF series, followed VERY closely by Hatch Finatic, Ross Evo R & LTX, and Abel "New" Super (2017+), although I still have great fondness for Abel TR's (originals), Abel PT. 5, Abel Super "N's", and Ross San Miguels....which all still get fished occasionally. To Answer the original post....I have found my Hatch to be in the top tier mix and solidly reliable and of very high standard and quality. I do not own a Nautilus but have examined them, cast them, and fished them, and they are also VERY nice reels.

    Personally, I think we are likely spoiled by all the quality choices available to us as anglers today....and we likely must choose for ourselves what makes us most comfortable....luckily, there are fewer bad choices today. I don't think a guy could miss choosing between any of the top makers, or for that matter, most of the incoming new brands of quality design and manufacture either.

    I'm sure I'll add a few more reels before I call it quits and for me, to keep it simple and somewhat standardized in my quiver, and not loose what's left of my mind researching alternatives, my plan is to stick with Abel, Ross, and Hatch from here on out. I'm comfortable with that, I'm satisfied with those makers for selection purposes, and feel I can do so without having to spend the time needed to garner trust in the reliability of other less familiar to me products. FWIW, Your mileage may vary and likely will.

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    Default Re: Hatch Finatic Gen 2

    Quote Originally Posted by hollisd View Post
    Curious if anyone opted for the 3 Plus (3.25" / 4.8 oz) over the 4 Plus (3.425 / 4.9) for their 905?
    Hollisd, my brother has a 3 plus (large arbor) on his 5wt Winston and is very pleased with the combo. He had the reel loaded with gel spun to maximize backing on it. However, neither he or I ever go into our backing on the streams we frequent so the length of backing is of no consequence.
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    Default Re: Hatch Finatic Gen 2

    What do Abel, Ross, Hatch and Nautilus have in common? (Besides quality design and build) Excellent aspect ratios. Thus their width to depth to diameter measurements represent optimal application to angling circumstances. This, along with preferred balancing weight for an intended rod, is the fist thing to seek in any new reel.

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    Default Re: Hatch Finatic Gen 2

    I've got a lot of gen Is and IIs and have not had any problem with them except once on my 1+. I wore down the drag system or something but it stopped working as well as it should have and I sent it to them and they immediately replaced it for free.
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    My son just purchased a first generation 3.Seems like a heavy Galvan. They are pretty expensive.I've been using some older lighter reels ,which for my purpose 1-2-3-4 wt rods ,the price can't be beat.And the look way cooler.Also have an older 3/4 Nautilus which is pretty nice and light. Cheers,Chet

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    Default Re: Hatch Finatic Gen 2

    Quote Originally Posted by jujim View Post
    My son just purchased a first generation 3.Seems like a heavy Galvan. They are pretty expensive.I've been using some older lighter reels ,which for my purpose 1-2-3-4 wt rods ,the price can't be beat.And the look way cooler.Also have an older 3/4 Nautilus which is pretty nice and light. Cheers,Chet
    I fish both Hatch and Galvan Torque...they are nothing alike beyond being fly reels. Hatch's drag is sealed, Torque's is not. The Hatch spool is retained by a failure proof, threaded captive knob, the Galvan by a spring loaded push button. For me, Hatch works from trout to bonefish, Galvan Torque, trout only. Yes, Hatch reels are heavy and are arguably overkill for light line trout rods. The smallest I fish is a 4+ on a big river 5-weight where fish have room to run. Sure, on extra light line small stream rods, a classic spring and pawl actuated reel is adequate and perhaps even more appropriate.

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    Default Re: Hatch Finatic Gen 2

    I bought a Gen 1 4+ and loved it. When the Gen 1s went on close out I bought another 4+ (one has a 5wgt Rio Gold, other SA Trout) and a 3+.

    I like the 4+ on 9 foot 5s as well as 8 1/3 foot 5 weights. The 3+ balances a 9 foot 4 weight well although I have also happily used it on an 8 1/2 foot 4.

    To answer the earlier question I tried the 3+ on both an 8 1/2 and 9 foot 5 and to me, it is too light. When I hold the rod in my hand, it wants to go tip down. It is better on the 8 1/2 but i prefer the 4+ on a 5 weight.

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